Virat Kohli confused after getting bowled; Twitterati in splits

Virat Kohli rarely gets bowled by a spinner. He seldom gets out on a duck as well. But both things happened together on Day 1 in Chennai as Kohli was cleaned up by a Moeen Ali ripper.

Facing just his 5th ball of the innings, Virat Kohli attempted a cover drive off Moeen Ali. But the ball pitched outside off and turned in sharply, crashing onto the off stump.

It all happened so quickly that Virat Kohli felt England were appealing for a stumping. Flummoxed by the celebrations, Virat Kohli was seen standing his ground in a confused state. The Indian skipper was seen asking if the visitors were appealing for a stumping.

The matter ultimately went to the third umpire who confirmed that the Indian skipper was out bowled. While Virat Kohli walked back for a rare duck, fans on Twitter couldn’t stop laughing at his expression. Many were also in awe of the Moeen Ali special which got the batsman.

Many shared pictures of Virat Kohli’s bamboozled expression as they couldn’t believe the Indian skipper’s comical reaction. Others were quick to post memes, clai they understood the skipper’s disbelief.

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