“That record means nothing” – Virat Kohli says breaking MS Dhoni’s record not on his mind

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni share a great relationship

Virat Kohli has made it clear the possibility of becoming the most successful Test captain at home doesn’t matter to him. The Indian skipper said records have no place for him in a team sport.

With 21 home wins in 28 Tests, Virat Kohli has the chance to become India’s most successful Test skipper at home if his side beat England in the third Test. The record is currently held by MS Dhoni, who has 31 Test wins at home to his name.

Speaking to the media in a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Virat Kohli was asked about the record he could end up breaking in a few days. But the Indian skipper claimed the thought wasn’t on his mind and suggested his focus is only on the job at hand.

“That record means nothing to me. Records are something that are looked at from an individual point of view, and that’s not what we play sport for. Whether it is individual records as a batsman or the number of wins as a captain, I’m doing a responsibility to the best of my abilities and potential. I would continue to do so till the time I play this game,” said Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli has the opportunity to break multiple records with a strong showing in the pink ball Test. Apart from breaking MS Dhoni’s captaincy record, he can also surpass Ricky Ponting’s tally of international hundreds if he scores a ton in Ahmedabad.

Both Ponting and Kohli currently have 41 centuries tons as captain, and the Indian skipper can move past the Australian great if he scores a century against England. Ahead of a game in which Virat Kohli can script history and break both records, the 32-year-old maintains such milestones only look important from the outside.

“I’m just fulfilling my responsibility. None of the records are meant forever. These are very fickle things which probably look great outside. Compare individuals, and that’s something people on the outside love to do all the time. But that doesn’t really matter to any of us, to be honest,” claimed the Indian skipper.

Although he was clear about the frivolousness of records, Virat Kohli admitted his relationship with his teammates and ex-skipper is something that is dear to him.

“The mutual respect and understanding and camaraderie that we have as teammates, or with your ex-captain is something that you hold really closely to your heart. I understand the importance and significance of that. So that is always going to be way more important in my life than these milestones and records,” he continued.

Insisting that players should harbour a team mindset, Virat Kohli hoped the person to lead India after him will have the same values. Concluding his views on breaking records, Virat Kohli admitted he doesn’t even remember them once he steps on the field.

“As I said I’m doing my responsibility to keep Indian cricket on top, and I’ll continue to do so. That should be the mindset of everyone playing for the team. Few years down the line, whoever is the next person to lead this team should take Indian cricket forward. I’m not even aware of the records when I step on the field, I’m told afterward,” signed off Virat Kohli.

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