“Justin Langer has got our full support” – Cricket Australia CEO

Justin Langer

Under-fire coach Justin Langer has received backing from Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley. He said that the former opening batsman has full support of the Cricket Australia hierarchy even though some reports emerged about the players not liking Langer’s headmaster-like coaching style.

Ever since the Aussies lost to an injury-stricken Indian team in their backyard, the players and Justin Langer have come under the scanner. However, the Cricket Australia CEO decided against taking any rash action and said that Langer is a great leader with an immense passion for the game and his country.

“Some of the commentaries that I have seen around JL in the media, I think that is a matter for within the team, for within the squad, (What) I will really say is JL’s leadership, his passion, he wears his heart on his sleeve, but he’s a great leader. What he has done for the team culture, what he provides to the organisation more broadly, so not just on the field but off the field, I think he has been very, very clear what he stands for. That is … for the team to make Australians proud. And Justin has got our full support,” Hockley told reporters on Wednesday.

Nick Hockley went on to add that the coach and the captain will need to work out on how they would want to run the team.

“The team dynamic, that is something for the team, the captain, the coach, to work through,” added Hockley.

Reports from the Sydney Morning Herald stated that several Australian players were not enjoying Justin Langer’s micromanaging style. However, the coach disputed such claims.

Recently, Justin Langer indicated that he was disappointed that the players didn’t approach him as he came to know about the unrest in the dressing room via media reports.

“Do I get grumpy sometimes? Yeah I get grumpy sometimes, I’m not perfect that’s for sure, but I’m pretty good at some of the things I do, and you just don’t like it when you feel people — through managers or players, whatever — I would rather they came straight to me, that’s the Australian way as I know it, let’s talk through it, let’s go through it and work things out,” said Justin Langer.

Australia would have been keen to bounce back after the series loss against India. However, the Aussies postponed the upcoming three-match Test tour to South Africa over coronavirus fears.

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