If Indian stars play franchise cricket abroad, people will love it: Imran Tahir

Imran Tahir

Veteran leg-spinner Imran Tahir, who is representing the Deccan Gladiators in the Abu Dhabi T10 2021, has stated that fans would love it if big Indian names feature in franchise cricket abroad.

As per the current BCCI regulations, Indian cricketers can only play in foreign leagues after they have announced their retirement from domestic and international cricket. Any Indian player, contracted or non-contracted, is not allowed to play any franchise cricket (T20, T10) outside India. Also, playing franchise cricket abroad makes them ineligible for the IPL.

Speaking on the topic to Sportskeeda’s Indranil Basu in an exclusive SK Live session on Facebook, Imran Tahir admitted that players have to follow the guidelines of their respective boards. However, he added:

“It’s always nice to have Indian players because they are such talented and big names. If they go abroad and play these formats, people will love it, and they will welcome them. It will be very nice for Indian cricket and for places where they go and play.”

On why Indian cricketers seem satisfied with playing in the IPL, the 41-year-old explained:

“Indian domestic cricket has got a good structure. The players get paid very well. And that’s why they don’t like to go to other countries where they can get to play T20s. Other guys (from other countries) need to look for opportunities elsewhere if they are not getting paid well.”

 Asked about being a part of Deccan Gladiators in the ongoing Abu Dhabi T10 2021, Imran Tahir replied that it is a new experience for him and that he is enjoying the same. He said:

“It is the first time I am representing Deccan Gladiators. We have got a good mixture of players. We have world-class players with some junior players coming in from the system. It’s really exciting to see that. We have got people from all over the world. You get to know each other. You know their culture. And then, you can share your culture with them. It’s amazing.”

Reiterating that the tournament is not just about cricket, Imran Tahir further stated:

“We are living as a family especially in the bubble. We really want to do well for Deccan Gladiators. And hopefully, we will.”

The Kieron Pollard-led Deccan Gladiators have played two games in the Abu Dhabi T10 2021 so far, with one win and loss each to their name.

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