“I don’t think it’s a lack of match practice” – Nayan Doshi explains the reason behind Shahbaz Nadeem’s no-balls

Nayan Doshi, the oldest cricketer to register for the IPL 2021 Auction, spoke about why Shahbaz Nadeem has been bowling a number of no-balls against England. The 42-year-old left-arm spinner, son of the famous Dilip Doshi, discussed the reasons behind Shahbaz Nadeem’s numerous no-balls in Chennai.

Shahbaz Nadeem has been found guilty of overstepping multiple times in the first India vs. England Test. The left-arm spinner bowled a total of nine no-balls across four days, the most out of any bowler.

Speaking to Indranil Basu on SK Live, Nayan Doshi refuted suggestions that Shahbaz Nadeem’s no-balls were due to a lack of match practice, saying it could be down to the bowler overextending himself.

“No, I don’t think its lack of match practice. Sometimes when you’re not bowling so well and it’s a slow pitch, you try and get some extra effort. You really try, and maybe he’s over extending himself.”

Shahbaz Nadeem was primarily called up as a net bowler for India. Although he has played one Test for India, he was thrown into the deep end after Axar Patel’s knee injury. Nayan Doshi made a similar point, suggesting nervousness could be one of the reasons behind the multiple no-balls by Shahbaz Nadeem.

“Sometimes when you’re anxious and things are not going your way you tend to do things faster. You’re not as relaxed so maybe he’s over stretching for that. That could be one of the reasons.”

Shahbaz Nadeem himself addressed his no-ball problem while speaking to the media. The 31-year-old, who was a late exclusion from the side after Axar Patel’s injury, shared a possible reason for his no-balls while speaking to PTI on Saturday.

“I think I was jumping late (on load up) on to the crease whereas I should time my jump a bit early. So that created a bit of problem.”

The 42-year-old, who will hope to be selected by an IPL franchise in the upcoming auctions, was also asked about what makes left-arm spinners exciting. Being a left-arm spinner himself, Nayan Doshi admits their ability to turn the ball away from most batsmen is what makes them exciting to watch.

“It is (exciting to watch left arm spinners), because the ball spinning away from the bat is always exciting. The batsman also has to then watch for the natural variation. The one that does not spin. It’s always exciting to see spinners, especially left arm spinners.”

Nayan Doshi will know his IPL 2021 fate when the auction takes place on February 18 in Chennai. Being an experienced campaigner with county cricket experience, Nayan Doshi could bring something new to the table if bought by a franchise.

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