How can you be depressed when you have such a lovely wife: Farokh Engineer to Virat Kohli

Anushka Sharma (left) and Virat Kohli (right)

Former India wicketkeeper-batsman Farokh Engineer, has taken an adorable take on Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s relationship.

Virat Kohli recently admitted that he suffered from depression during India’s tour of England back in 2014, when he had a disastrous outing with the bat.

Speaking to Sportskeeda’s Indranil Basu in an SK Live session on Facebook, Engineer, in good-natured humour, wondered:

“How can you be depressed when you have such a lovely wife?”

On a serious note, Engineer added:

“He’s got a child. He’s got every reason to be thankful to God.”

Sharing his thoughts on depression, the 83-year-old said:

“Depression is more in the western world. They talk about it more. But the mind is such a thing that you can never know. Mind is a dreadful thing. We (Indians) have greater strength to fight the demons in our body. We have our ups and downs. But we have got the mental strength to fight. And fight harder and play better, which maybe people like (Marcus) Trescothick and others don’t have.”

While Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma may be among the most high-profile couples in the country, former India selector Sarandeep Singh recently revealed to Sportskeeda that they are a very humble couple and don’t even have servants at home.

Sarandeep had said about the duo:

“At his home, there are no servants. He and his wife will serve food to everyone. What else do you want? Virat always sits with you, chats with you, and goes out for dinner with you. All the other players have so much respect for him. He’s very down-to-earth and strong-willed.”

In a conversation with former England player Mark Nicholas on his ‘Not Just Cricket’ podcast, Virat Kohli termed Anushka Sharma as his pillar of strength, admitting:

“From a mental point of view, I have a lot of conversations with my wife. Anushka and I have such great detailed conversations about the complexity of the mind and how it can pull you into negativity and what are the things that matter to put things into perspective. She has been a pillar of strength for me in that regard. Because she herself is at a level where she had to deal with a lot of that negativity. So she understands my situation, and I understand her situation.”

Virat Kohli on Thursday led India to a 10-wicket triumph in the third Test of the four-match series against England in Ahmedabad.

The Indian captain will look to lead from the front and seal his team’s place in the inaugural World Test Championship final by winning the fourth Test.

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