Intentional Quality Output with James Williams

In this episode of The Lifehack Show, I interview James Williams, a Performance Breakthrough Coach and speaker.

James is passionate about focusing on creating outer world impact through inner world mastery. As well as teaching and coaching the female entrepreneurs in his wife’s company I Heart My Life since 2015, James also works with a range of very successful male and female business owners and high achievers to support them in levelling up.

Watch my interview with James and learn how intentional quality output can lead to huge breakthroughs!

This is the real process I discovered when creating a video to rebound from burnout and I was toast and after doing this, I felt fresh, revitalized and I have felt that way ever since!

In this episode of The Lifehack Show, I’m diving into the 6 strategies you can use to rebound from emotional burnout and get back on it.

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