Fan-favorite Pokemon Ditto has been surprising players of Pokemon GO through various disguises since late 2016, but as many eagle-eyed players of the mobile game have recently realized, he’s acquired a couple of new disguises. As Pokemon GO players will no doubt know, Ditto has become a staple of the worldwide mobile phenomenon over the last few years, appearing to players under the guise of a common Pokemon only after they manage to catch it. While he's appeared in numerous forms, it looks like his current line-up of disguises has changed to accommodate one of the game's big recent events.

Following the recent update to his potential disguises, Ditto pops up after catching these specific Pokemon: Bidoof, Weedle, Numel, Seedot, Skitty, Ledyba, Remoraid, Hoothoot and Paras. While these changes might just be to keep players on their toes, it seems more likely that the Pokemon’s range of potential impersonations were altered to account for Ditto's previous disguise, Yanma, gaining a rare shiny alternate skin in the recent Safari Zone event. Niantic pulled a similar move the last time Ditto's disguises alternated, replacing Pidgey and Ratatta after they too got shiny variants. In turn, this means players don't catch a rare shiny skinned Pokemon just to have their amazing accomplishment switched with a Ditto.

Pokemon Ditto song

Ditto himself was one of Pokemon GO's earliest fan-requested characters, with players demanding the little purple Pokemon make an appearance after noticing it was absent from the game. Niantic eventually added Ditto as a fun surprise feature, the creature becoming a rare catch that only presented itself to certain players lucky enough to accidentally stumble upon its ruse while catching a Pokemon. They're not nearly as rare these days, but Niantic switching the disguises frequently means Ditto maintains at least some of the same surprise factor he managed to generate when he debuted back in 2016.

His previous disguises have been numerous, seeing him take on the form of Zubat, Mankey, Zigazoon and Gulpin. It's a smart move for Niantic to move around the disguises held by this elusive Pokemon, especially because having him under the guise of a shiny Pokemon variant could enrage players who are looking to finally snag a rare skin for their favorite species. His new forms are live right now, so if anyone looking to catch a Ditto for themselves should keep an eye out for his various new disguises.

Pokemon GO is available to play now for free on Android and iOS.

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