Beginning today, September 16, Pokemon GO players the world over can start catching Gen 5 Pokemon. While not all of the Unova region Pokemon will be added to Pokemon GO today, there will be a decent number, including the Gen 5 region-exclusives.

Niantic has confirmed the Gen 5 regionals for Pokemon GO. Asia will have Pansage, Europe/Middle East/Africa/India will have Pansear, and the Americas/Greenland will have Panpour. Additionally, two more region exclusives have been confirmed, with one in the Western hemisphere and the other in the Eastern hemisphere. Those in the west will be able to catch Heatmor, whereas those in the East can look forward to adding Durant to their Pokemon GO roster.

Pokemon GO has had region-exclusives since launch, so it's not surprising that the game has some Gen 5 regionals. Even so, some players may be disappointed to learn that they won't be able to complete their Unova Pokedex without doing some serious traveling. However, not all hope is lost.

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After all, Niantic has sometimes made Pokemon GO regionals available in other regions. Just recently, players were able to hatch Kanto regionals from 7km eggs, for example. It's quite likely that the Pokemon GO Gen 5 regionals will pop up in other places eventually, whether that be through a special event or Niantic just deciding to release them worldwide.

It's also quite likely that the eastern and western hemisphere Pokemon GO Gen 5 regionals will swap places. Whenever Niantic has had region-exclusives separated by hemisphere before, it has usually swapped them at one point. This gives every Pokemon GO fan the opportunity to complete their Pokedex without breaking the bank on travel expenses.

In the meantime, Pokemon GO fans can expect Niantic to slowly roll out the rest of the Gen 5 Pokemon over the course of the next year. Based on the pattern we've seen from the company, it's quite possible that the first Gen 6 Pokemon won't be in the game until around this time in 2020, so there should be plenty of time for Pokemon GO fans to fill out their Unova region Pokedex before new creatures are added to the mix.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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