[UPDATE: A more accurate and reflective translation of Kojima's tweet can be found here. Original story follows.]

Following his Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima became a household name among gamers, and many are looking forward his new upcoming IP, Death Stranding. Things seem to be changing, though. Recently, Kojima responded to walking simulator criticisms, defending it as a developer should, and hopefully continued on about his day. Now, however, a new controversy has rears its ugly head following a post made by Kojima on social media.

Most have noticed how Death Stranding carries the phrase, "A Hideo Kojima Game." This phased no one, as the man has earned his place in the gaming industry after all, with the name of his studio even being Kojima Productions. Seemingly, there's a disconnect between what it means to his fans and what it means to him.

According to Kojima, a "Hideo Kojima Game" means that he handled nearly every aspect of it from concept and script to difficult adjustments and merch. The issue here stems from the fact that Kojima appears to be ignoring the rough estimate of 80 employees currently employed at Kojima Productions who surely helped in every listed aspect. Many called him out for this, calling him egocentric, asking him to remain humble, and others things too.

Others were quick to defend Kojima, saying that it is a simple branding thing, but the issue here isn't the term "Hideo Kojima Game." It's the way Kojima seems to be wording it in this message, but Kojima may just be wanting his "declaration" to clarify, defend, and claim his property. Following his raw deal with Konami, no one would blame him for that, but that's entirely speculation. Hopefully, this didn't come across the way he intended, yet it's worth mentioning that there has been no official response, clarification, or apology as of this writing.

Regardless, Death Stranding is set to release in just a few months' time, meaning this Tweet will likely become more of a passing thing. He has also recently discussed the importance of his Strand genre and the possibility of Death Stranding sequels, so it seems he is approaching this new game with true Kojima vision.

Death Stranding will launch on November 8 for the PlayStation 4.