Flosstradamus' Curt Cameruci Conquered the Dance World, But Now, He Needs a Break

After 12 years on the road, the co-founding member of Flosstradamus talks about burnout, the evolution of trap and why the duo became a solo...

After 12 years on the road, the co-founding member of Flosstradamus talks about burnout, the evolution of trap and why the duo became a solo project.

In the fall of 2019, Curt Cameruci sent a text message to his manager, then he started crying.

The producer, known to the world as Flosstradamus, had just typed out an idea that had been marinating in his head for a while -- that he was going to take some time off from the road. That he needed a break. That he couldn't maintain the pace he'd been keeping for the last 12 years as Flosstradamus, the electronic duo launched more than a decade ago with fellow Chicago producer Josh Young.

Hitting just as the EDM boom was heating up in the states, alongside peers like Baauer and RL Grime, Flosstradamius created the template for trap music with genre-defining remixes including Floss' take on Major Lazer's "Original Don" and the duo's own "Rollup." As Flosstradamus, Cameruci and Young were lifted to the top of festival lineups, with their massive fan base, known collectively as the HDYNATION, assembling in fields and parking lots to thrash to the massive productions the guys put together. Flosstradmus appeared everwhere from Coachella to Electric Daisy Carnival to The Insane Clown Posse's festival, the Gathering of the Juggalos.

Then, in 2016, Young left Flosstradamus, leaving Cameruci to continue the project on his own. The accumulated pressures of 12 years on the road, in studios and in various nightclubs worldwide, left Cameruci deeply exhausted and creatively uninspired. Earlier this year, while in an airport lounge in Australia -- a place he'd usually make music -- Cameruci sat unable to come up with anything, except an exit strategy. Thus the message he sent to his manager before boarding his flight.

"As soon as I pressed send to my manager," he says, "I started crying. It was the wildest thing. I just was bawling on a plane."

Whether the reaction was due to exhaustion or relief, or both, the text led to a public message Cameruci posted to Instagram on October 15. In it, he explained that "I love performing so much that I kept saying yes to shows and forgot how to say yes to myself." He announced his plan to time off to focus on himself. The post collected more than 20,000 likes, and hundreds of messages of encouragement. 

On a warm afternoon at a coffee shop in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, Cameruci says these plans include getting back into yoga, meditating, maybe buying a motorcycle and having his friends over for backyard bonfires. He may also work on music -- not the hard-hitting bass that put Flosstradamus on the map, but chiller and more experimental sounds, more in line with his current interests. 

For now though, he'll wrap up 2019 with a pair of late December shows and two sets in early January before settling into his period of rest, one which he says both Floss fans and fellow producers have been deeply supportive of. Here, Cameruci discusses the factors that led to this decision. 

How do you do what you’ve been doing for the last 12 years and not fall apart? Was your pace just driven by the music and the excitement and the adrenaline, or were there things you were doing consciously to take care of yourself on the road?

What motivates me always changes, I guess. For a while it was just constant goals and achieving those goals. It was like, “I want to play Coachella,” then I played Coachella. Then it was like, “I want to get a bigger stage at Coachella,” and so I worked really hard and got a bigger stage. And then it was “I want to play Bonnaroo,” “I want to play the Gathering of the Juggalos.” I reached all of those goals. Those goals were motivating me. Then I checked off all those bucket list things. I've done all these venues; I've done all these festivals; I've done a lot of the things show-wise during my career.

Once all of those goals were hit, it was like the motivation was gone, in a weird way. That driving force wasn't there as much. I was in Vegas a lot, and that was a repetitive thing and everything just kind of became sterile.

I always wonder what those Vegas residencies are like, because you're touring, you're playing festivals and then you're popping back to Vegas every week. I'm sure you're appreciative of the opportunity -- the fans are there, it pays, and it's prestigious – but I’m curious how a commitment to that particular city wears on you over time.

Like you said, I'm very fortunate to have that residency. I love it there. The financial side of it's good. And because I live in L.A. now, I can just fly there -- it's an easy gig. But there's something about that that isn't proactive for me creatively. You kind of have to play top 40 stuff mixed with the stuff that I do, like the EDM stuff. After a while, it isn't that inspiring for me. And also, it's Vegas. It's a dark city. It's a weird place. You can get roped into that. For me, I would arrive there on two hours of sleep, play a show and then maybe drink a little bit and just get like sucked into that vortex because of insomnia and all of that.

It seems like artists who tour like you do are disconnected from the world, because you're living on such a particular wavelength with what you do. How do you stay connected to your home and your people and your life?

It is like an alternate reality, in a way. I mean, reality is subjective, but for me those environments aren't reality, because reality for is hanging in my backyard and having like a bonfire and keeping it chill. That's what grounds me, and that’s what the reality is for Curt. But then there's the Floss reality, and that reality is very distorted. I get to have these decadent meals for free, and there are beautiful girls who want my attention, and there are free drinks and everyone wants to show their best face to me. That reality can be someone's reality if they want it. But for me, it doesn't speak to me as Curt and who I am as a person. I'd rather sit at my house, have a bonfire with my friends and they make fun of me and they don't care about Floss. They only care about me.

So you live in two worlds.

Especially with traveling, too. Traveling itself is an amazing opportunity -- you get to go to these places, but then the act of traveling is kind of disorienting. Jet lag and all of this stuff that comes with traveling… I get thrown off as a person in a weird way. Then I show up to a destination, and I kind of have to put on a mask of who I'm not. Then that's disorienting and then it's just so weird. I have to become this whole thing, and then finally by the time I come back home and have to decompress, it's really confusing.

What does this next period of your life look like? Is it bonfires and making music in your living room?

I was talking to a colleague and they were like, “This is awesome. You're going to have all this time off. You can do start a side project. You could start a DJ night.” They're giving me all of these job things I could do. I was like, "Actually, I have a side project. It's Curt, it's me." It's time to work on me, and not musically. My side project is just me right now. I'm back to doing my yoga routine almost seven days a week and meditating and doing all the cliché self care things that people do. Like I said, I've been so disoriented from traveling  back and forth and this lustrous lifestyle that doesn't speak to me. So, I'm just trying to find things that speak to me as Curt.

Flosstradamus pioneered trap's integration into dance. How has that sound evolved for you and in the scene at large?

I was part of like the original birth of the genre, but it's evolved so much. It's out of my hands. I don't know how to explain what it is [now]. It’s like, you raise a child and they become a teenager and you don't have control of them anymore cause they're becoming an adult themselves. And that's what I feel like with this [sound] in a weird way. I had a say in the initial seed of it, but what it is now doesn't resonate with me.

I can contribute to it, but it's just turned into its own sound. Right now, there's the really hard trap stuff that's like dubstep. I'm 38 years old. I can't really resonate with that that much. Then there's like the really chill trap stuff that's more Flume vibes, which I can resonate with more. But the genre started one way and split into all these branches, and I'm just trying to figure out what branch this version of me fits on right now.

How do you think what you're making currently fits into the bass world and the electronic scene of large?

I think I was trying to play catch up for a while, to keep up with what the kids were doing. Trying to keep up with the sound and what everyone is doing. The stuff I've been working on recently is just stuff that I like. I don’t know where it fits – it sounds more like Jamie xx and indie bass music than the dubstep you hear at Lost Lands.

It’s stuff that’s so far removed from what Floss is known for, because Floss is known for the super hard, trap, mosh pit music. Right now, I'm making some really chill, abstract stuff. That's exciting. I'm into, but also I'm just afraid that when I put it out, it will be so left field that the fans won't understand it. I’m okay with being afraid, but I need to figure out a to present my new sound to them.

Do you have faith that the fans will follow you?

Yeah, I do. I'm just going to say it, because I'm just trying to keep it positive and also, they are pretty die hard. One thing I've come to peace with is that the HDYNATION [as Flosstradamus fans are known] has been around for a while, and so a lot of them have already evolved out of EDM. Some of my original fans probably don't even listen to EDM anymore. They might have kids, they might listen to house. Who knows? And that's okay. That's how things evolve. So yeah, I might lose some fans in the process. Maybe I’ll lose 3,000, but I might gain 500.

Floss founding member Josh Young left the group in 2016, and since then you've been playing solo along with some shows with the producer 4B. What's the nature of your working relationship with him?

[4B and I] ended up making a song together called "Blackout," and then we ended up playing Countdown together [last New Year’s Eve.] It was received really well, and so we ended up playing a couple of shows. I was just down, because it was good to do something different. I had been doing the same thing for a while -- doing the Floss solo thing -- and it felt good to have someone else back in the group, because it's started as a duo. It felt good to have someone else take some of the weight again.

Can we talk about Josh? I'm not clear on what happened between you two, and why he left the group.

Neither am I. We had done close to 300 shows in 2016. 2016 was our peak year. 43 of those shows were in Vegas, which was hard too. So, coming into 2017 [Josh] wanted to take some time, because he was about to have a second child. I was exhausted. We were both exhausted. I was about to move from New York to L.A., so we agreed on that we were going to take 2017 off. Then out of nowhere he came up with a solo name and [said] he was planning on doing that in 2017 after this break we had planned. At the same time, he came to me and said he wanted to quit Floss. That's how it all shook out. That was pretty much the last time we spoke. He called me up and said he wanted me to quit Floss, and then that's what he did.

There are festivals now where Flosstradamus and Yehme2 are both on the lineup as separate acts. I remember that happening specifically at HARD Summer 2018. What are you thinking when you and Josh are crossing paths or like that?

I don't really mind it that much. They had us on separate days intentionally. I'm sure. I don't know. I don't know. I have no idea. I didn't see him. Like I said, I haven't talked to him since [he told me he was leaving.] For me it is what it is… I don't really have much else to say about it. It's sad that I had to go that way it did, but it is what I is -- you've got to keep moving.

[Editor's note: In a statement to Volgo Dance, Josh Young writes: "In mid 2016 I decided to leave Flosstradamus and start my solo venture. Curt was the first person I talked to about it. It wasn’t out of nowhere. It came after years of growing tension and animosity building between us, leading to a toxic work environment. After years of silent treatment and micro-aggressions I decided to do the best thing for my family and my mental health and walk away. The fact is, we played 92 shows in 2016 (not 300) and Curt played 67 shows in 2017. I find his statements to be inaccurate and misleading. Leaving Flosstradamus was the hardest and most heartbreaking thing I’ve had to do in my life. That being said, I’ve moved on. I wish Curt the best and hope he gets the help he needs."]

The duo dynamic seems to be something you like, now having 4B with you on the road. Is that a more nourishing tour experience, when you're not doing it by yourself?

Of course. The duo dynamic in general, especially having 4B, it's cool that someone can take a bit of the weight off in a live show. When someone can pick up some of the slack, other things can flourish. With Floss thing, Josh handled certain aspects so I could be more creative. Same with 4B, he's able to help out a little bit with the set, so I can think of our stage aesthetics. I planned the way we would look, with black lights and wearing this neon stuff on stage.

As for 4B, he's younger; he's got five-to-eight fewer years in the game than I do. He's inspiring to be on the road with. We just joke and have a good time, and it just makes me stoked to be on the road still. I've played a lot of these cities is five to six times. I played Philadelphia probably 12 times. Going there solo, it just felt the same. I'd go get my cheesesteak and do my routine. But when you have someone else to experience it with and live vicariously through, it just feels so much better. And that's what I was and that's the great thing about him. He helps keep my morale up and I get to be like, “Yo, check out this cool coffee shop.”

It must have been jarring to go from working with Josh for so long to being by yourself.

Especially because of how quickly it happened, and not knowing. It was jarring on two levels, because I was planning to take that year off, and [after Josh left] I had to continue touring to prove Floss wasn't dead. So in 2017 I had to go harder. Then it was also jarring, because it happened so fast. I wasn't prepared. I had to go on the road, hard, by myself, burnt out while also moving across the country.

Did the momentum of the project dip during that time?

Definitely. I had to pick up the slack [of things that Josh did.] He did a lot of the business side of Floss, and so I think that I had to lean more into that. I had to put on that hat, and it wasn’t a hat I had put on in awhile, but then I had to put the creative hat down and couldn't focus on music as much. I had to do more administrative things and try to stay focused on things that I wasn't used to. And so that was confusing on top of doing shows solo. It was just a lot of confusion during that time. It was hard to gain my footing.

Fast forward to now, I think that I've learned from those mistakes. I've learned from the things I did right and wrong during that time. I'm going to take this time off to recalibrate, get my ducks in a row and then hopefully come back out and be able to handle all of the hats – handle Floss, and handle Curt and handle everything at once.

Among your peers, was there a particularly meaningful piece of feedback you got when you made the announcement?

I'm in a group chat with a lot of DJs, and months ago when I first hit the wall, I just reached out to this group. Usually this group just has memes and jokes and that energy, and when I was the first person to reach out and just be vulnerable and tell everyone that I hit this wall, it was just an outpouring of everyone else saying they feel the exact same way. It was this instant support of me. Everyone spoke up, and it was so refreshing and it also made it feel that we're all going through this together. It isn't just me. 



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Volgo - Entertainment: Flosstradamus' Curt Cameruci Conquered the Dance World, But Now, He Needs a Break
Flosstradamus' Curt Cameruci Conquered the Dance World, But Now, He Needs a Break
Volgo - Entertainment
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