It's no secret that Borderlands 3 has had a few technical issues since launch, but for the most part, BL3's gunplay makes up for it. This includes issues with frame rate, lag, crashes, and more, yet the latest development may raise a few more eyebrows. According to some reports, it appears the looter shooter threequel may be overheating the Xbox One X.

What appears to be happening is that the Xbox One X is shutting down during Borderlands 3, and when it reboots, it is displaying an overheat message. Notably, there don't appear to be any reports of this happening on the standard Xbox One or the PS4, and others have reported that the console does not feel warm to the touch, despite the message. It also doesn't appear to be a very common issue, as the reports are not widespread, and many are reporting not experiencing it at all.

Borderlands 3 PC players have reported losing save data, but other than that, technical issues have been widespread but not incredibly severe. It's important to remember that this is anecdotal evidence and should be treated as such. If Borderlands 3 is the cause of the system message, then this will likely be fixed quickly with a patch. Similar incidences have happened with Fallout 76 and Ace Combat 7, and in those instances, it appears that a certain event would trigger the reboot and overheat message. That could be the case for BL3, but no one has reported exactly when this overheating issue occurred.

Others have suggested that it isn't an issue with Borderlands 3 itself, but with the thermal paste the Xbox One X has. Considering the liquid-based Vapor chamber technology associated with the console, however, that doesn't seem to be the most likely case. In other words, for those who are experiencing the issue, there doesn't seem to be a solid fix or cause yet, but whether playing Amara the Siren or any of the other vault hunters, this isn't hopefully resulting in much loss.

Assuming that this overheating reboot is associated with Borderlands 3's technical issues, a patch will likely fix it sooner rather than later. Gearbox is aware of most, if not all, current technical issues with the game and is currently working on a fix, which could also potentially correct this error as well.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit