The Xbox Project Scarlett release date may have been leaked online. After Microsoft officially announced the next Xbox console at E3 2019, several insiders have claimed to know more about the console's price, release date, and which games it will launch with.

On Twitter, a user with the handle PSErebus told their 1,019 followers that Xbox Project Scarlett will be the most powerful games console when it launches on November 6, 2020. PSErebus, which mostly tweets about PlayStation games and news, didn't say where they got the information from. Several followers did believe the tweet, asking how Sony would launch the PS5 around this, potentially releasing the PS5 a few weeks earlier to get a sales lead on the Xbox console.

In another tweet about the Xbox Project Scarlett, PSErebus used the hashtag for the XO19 event. Xbox has confirmed 12 Xbox Game Studios games for XO19 and some have wondered if an Xbox Project Scarlett announcement will be made too.

The Xbox Project Scarlett release date tweet from PSErebus is just a rumor. The date has not been confirmed and the information may not be right. In the same way that gamers should not automatically believe everyone who says that they have insider information because their uncle works at Nintendo, unverified Twitter accounts also shouldn't be believed for no reason.

However, there are some pieces of information that support the suggestion that Xbox Project Scarlett will launch on November 6. The first is that Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Project Scarlett will be released in holiday 2020. An early November release date would be before Black Friday and so gamers will have money to spend and it's also right as many of the biggest games are released, making them potential launch titles. Most Xbox consoles, from the Xbox to the Xbox One X, have launched in November.

Some had suggested that the new Xbox will release on November 3, 2020, as this is a Tuesday and most Major game releases often launch on a Tuesday or a Friday, and November 6, 2020 is a Friday.

PSErebus' tweets could just be a good guess. Other leaks have suggested that Bethesda's Starfield will be an Xbox Project Scarlett launch game and fans may be able to play a new Forza racing game at launch too. The console and these games are popular, which is why leakers make up so many ideas about them, but until Microsoft makes an announcement, it's not official.