Microsoft is now testing a new Xbox One feature called "Surprise Me." The feature is just one software or service update that Microsoft is preparing to release to gamers, as an update to Xbox Game Pass that will offer free Discord Nitro may also be on the way.

In a post on Reedit, user Filthy_Firestarter shared a screenshot of their new look Xbox One dashboard. When going to the "Games" section of the Dashboard, the user spotted a new icon next to the icons for search and filter. This new icon is called "Surprise Me" and when selected, it will suggest a random game for the user to play. A user named CaCHooKa Man also shared a video of the feature revealed how it works. Players have the option to play the game, look at its community hub, see the game in the Microsoft Store or click cancel which will show the games again, where the user can then select Surprise Me for another suggestion.

The feature only seems to available to members of the Xbox Insiders Program. Members of Xbox Insiders also got access to an offensive message filter before other Xbox Live users and Microsoft uses the program to test out new features like this before making them available to everyone. However, the response from members on social media seems to be incredibly positive and it likely won't be long until Microsoft has made it available to everyone.

The reason Xbox One users like the feature so much is because they say they have such large game libraries now that it can make playing games difficult to choose. Services such as Xbox Game Pass add new games regularly and can easily make a library of 100 games grow to hundreds of ready to install or installed games, if they have the space. All that choice means that subscribers aren't sure what sort of game they'd like to play.

The issues of not knowing what to play is something experienced by users on most subscription services from game services like Xbox Game Pass to TV and movie streaming services such as Netflix. Users of Sony streaming service PlayStation Now likely face this issue too. This new Xbox One feature may seem small but it could really help subscribers find and play games and potentially keep them subscribed for longer.

Source: PC Games Insider, Reddit