Prospective PC subscribers to Xbox Game Pass may want to hold off for just a short while longer, as a new datamine indicates that Microsoft is planning a new promotion. A report claims to show that the latest beta version of Discord for Android, update 9.8.3, shows plans to include several months of Discord Nitro for new Xbox Game Pass subscribers. It's unclear when this Xbox Game Pass and Discord Nitro promotion will go live, as it's not officially confirmed.

The promotion appears to be for three free months of Discord Nitro, Discord's premium subscription offering perks like access to animated emotes and an animated avatar. A line of text found within a file in the update reads as follows: "string name="xbox_game_pass_promotion_redeem_body"Since you have Xbox Game Pass, you get 3 months of Nitro for free!/string". It's clear that Discord is planning to implement this promotion relatively soon.

A second string variable provides some insight into the rules for the promotion. The text reads "Sorry, only new subscribers are eligible for this offer." Considering that the datamined text comes from Discord, this means that those who currently have a Discord Nitro subscription or have in the past won't be able to claim this new offer. That's regardless of whether they're subscribing to Game Pass for the first time or not.

It isn't clear whether the promotion will only be for new Xbox Game Pass subscribers, too, or if current Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to claim the free 3 months of Discord Nitro. It also isn't clear if it will require users to have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or if a standard Xbox Game Pass subscription on either PC or Xbox One will work. A similar promotion for Spotify required all of the above. It was only for new subscribers to both Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Spotify Premium.

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While this offer may not be for everyone, given the relatively limited number of people who might want a new Xbox Game Pass subscription as well as a Discord Nitro subscription, its existence at all is another boon for Microsoft. Game Pass continues to grow in popularity and success, and the continued introduction of promotions like this Discord one and the past Spotify one only add to that. For gamers either on PC or Xbox One, Microsoft makes a very persuasive and rewarding argument to pick up Game Pass.

Source: NeoWin