Microsoft has announced the new line up of games coming to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service in October 2019. The new games are part of a large list of titles joining the service in autumn 2019 including several popular indie games that will be added this year too.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft confirmed that six new games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in October. Arguably the marquee title for the month is Arkane Studios' stealth action game Dishonored 2, which joins on October 3. After Dishonored 2 released to poor sales, Arkane and publisher Bethesda confirmed that the Dishonored series is on hold for now but positive reception and high player figures on Xbox Game Pass could potentially make the companies look again at that decision.

Xbox Game Pass will also add two new games on October 10. Playtonic Games' platformer Yooka-Laylee will give players gameplay reminiscent of  Banjo-Kazooie as they adventure through an open-world, collecting things and meeting fun characters. World War Z will also be available on Xbox Game Pass just in time for Halloween. It's a co-op third person shooter which supports up to four players, so it could be a good choice for partying with friends on October 31.

The selection is rounded out by three more games that are coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 17. They are Panzer Dragoon Orta, a backward compatible game about a girl who rides a dragon, puzzle adventure game Felix the Reaper which is joining Xbox Game Pass on its launch day, and Fallout: New Vegas which is another backward compatible game. Fallout: New Vegas is developed by Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind The Outer Worlds which releases on October 25. It's unlikely that fans will have enough time to complete Fallout: New Vegas before Obsidian's new game comes out, but they could try.

It seems that Microsoft is adding a new high profile set of games to Xbox Game Pass every other week or so. The service does face more competition as Apple has launched Apple Arcade and Sony has just cut the price of PlayStation Now, but if more games are what it takes for Xbox Game Pass to beat these challenges, though, few subscribers will mind.

Source: Xbox Wire