It's no secret by now that WWE 2K20 has its fair share of problems. In fact, the WWE 2K20 quality is so bad that Sony is reportedly issuing refunds for the game. User ratings on MetaCritic have WWE 2K20 scored as low as 0.4, but it's not just fans who have complaints about this year's wrestling game. Even some people employed by WWE have spoken out about WWE 2K20, including WWE broadcaster Renee Young.

Someone shared a picture of Renee Young's WWE 2K20 character model on Twitter, and she replied with, "These games do me dirty. Every year." So it seems as though Renee Young isn't just unimpressed with her WWE 2K20 character model, but her character models in past WWE 2K video games as well.

Renee Young's WWE 2K20 character model is far from the only one that has been criticized. The Rock's WWE 2K20 character model has been bashed online quite a bit, and similar complaints can also be found for many other members of the roster. Needless to say, many WWE 2K20 fans aren't impressed, which is partly why Sony has been reportedly issuing refunds for the game.

It's unclear why the WWE 2K20 graphics and character models appear to be a downgrade when compared to last year's WWE 2K19, and honestly even some wrestling games from over a decade ago. One possibility is the departure of Yuke's. Yuke's had been developing WWE video games for quite some time, but it was removed from this year's entry, which was instead developed by Visual Concepts. It's possible that this transition is why WWE 2K20 is so rough, and maybe next year's game will be a significant improvement.

It's also possible that 2K Sports and Visual Concepts will at least iron out some of the glitches and bugs that have been plaguing WWE 2K20 since launch, so maybe this year's game still has a shot at getting better. However, considering the severity of some of the WWE 2K20 glitches, perhaps the developers would be better off cutting their losses and focusing on winning fans back with the inevitable WWE 2K21.

WWE 2K20 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.