Just yesterday, the full WWE 2K20 roster was revealed, and while there are a few opinions as to its quality and quantity, there seems to be a consensus that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's character model is incredibly off-putting. It's the arguably strangest part of the aforementioned WWE 2K20 roster, with many openly addressing the character model's flaws.

As seen below, The Rock's face appears to be very bland and has little-to-no definition. The Rock isn't the only character on the roster to be drawn into question, but he does somewhat serve as the poster boy for the game's models. It's clear from the image that this doesn't live up to current-gen graphical standards, and it doesn't seem many in the WWE 2K20 community are okay with that.

wwe 2k20 rock face

Shortly after the reveal, many made their opinions known. Others also addressed the fact, while WWE 2K's character models haven't ever been the best, that this is arguably the worst, with older 2000-era games capturing the character much better than WWE 2K20. For many, this may also inspire nostalgia for the rumored WWE SmackDown Here Comes The Pain Remaster, as long as the character models were simply improved.

It's also worth mentioning, while many consider the annual WWE game releases to be bad, that WWE 2K20 has been showcasing a number of improvements for the franchise. A recent trailer for the MyCareer mode even focused on supernatural elements like Hell and "Broken" Matt Hardy. It has also been teasing a GM Mode, a unique Showcase mode, and plenty of post launch support.

It doesn't seem that it will be all bad, but the community's response to The Rock's image is understandable. Perhaps WWE 2K20 can fix it with a patch shortly after launch, but given that it is 11 days from release at the time of this writing, we wouldn't necessarily hold our breath for it to be done beforehand.

WWE 2K20 releases October 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.