WWE 2K20 is just over a week away from release, but new information is still starting to come out about the upcoming wrestling game. Unfortunately, not all of the new information about WWE 2K20 is being met positively by fans, such as the realization that the new game will not have the fan-favorite Create-A-Championship feature available.

This news comes from various imgs on Twitter, who have spoken to WWE 2K20 representatives and developers. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Create-A-Championship will not be in WWE 2K20 at launch, though there is disagreement about whether or not it may come later. Some people are under the impression that WWE 2K20 will add Create-A-Championship later this year with a patch, but others believe that the feature isn't coming to the game at all.

At the time of this writing, no official statement about the WWE 2K20 Create-A-Championship mode, or lack thereof, has been released by 2K Sports. There's been no indication as to why Create-A-Championship has been removed, but we will update this article if any additional information comes to light.

While some fans may be disappointed to learn that WWE 2K20 won't have Create-A-Championship, others will be more focused on the other content that's coming in the new game. For example, WWE 2K20 features a Women's Evolution 2K Showcase that will detail the careers of WWE's Four Horsewomen - Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks. There will also be standard wrestling matches that players can participate in, plus the supernatural 2K Originals mode.

The 2K Originals mode in WWE 2K20 features supernatural takes on various WWE superstars, with the first set appropriately titled Bump in the Night. Bump in the Night is also bringing with it The Fiend version of Bray Wyatt, which will no doubt be a hot commodity for WWE fans.

So while those who look forward to the customization features in the WWE video games will understandably be disappointed that WWE 2K20 doesn't appear to have a Create-A-Championship mode, others may be satisfied by the rest of the game's content. We'll find out how fans react to WWE 2K20 when it launches next week.

WWE 2K20 launches on October 22 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.