A new video reveals all of the available match types in WWE 2K20. It follows other major reveals for the wrestling sim game, as the WWE and publisher 2K Games recently shared the official WWE 2K20 character roster, showing fans which stars they'd be able to play as.

A video by WWE 2K YouTuber Pulse showed the more than 25 WWE 2K20 match types that players will be able to select. By hitting the "Play" button, there are then 11 match types to choose from such as one on one, royal rumble, tournament matches, custom matches, handicap matches, and 8-man matches. Selecting one of these options brings up more match types for WWE 2K20 players to choose from and in the one on one match type, players can select options like TLC, last man standing, steel cage, backstage brawls, and no holds barred out of 15.

In the video, Pulse then goes into the two on two matches where tag team match types such as ladder tag, table tag, and TLC tag all being available out of 10 match types. There are nine match types in triple threat, 10 for fatal 4-way, eight for 5-man, 17 for 6-man as players can choose for triple tag teams, and eight match types for 8-man. Tournament and handicap have five match types. Add them up and that means that there are 89 match types in WWE 2K20, when custom matches and royal rumble are added to the figure. Some had suggested that WWE 2K20 could be the most successful game in the series and the number of match types will only help the game reach more fans and grow its sales.

Fans of the WWE 2K series had criticized the developer's decision not to offer the create a championship game mode at launch. It will be added as a patch but some were disappointed not to be able to play it when the game is released. However, with so many match types on offer, it seems likely that players will be able to find something to entertain themselves without create a championship.

As well as all of these match types, there is also content such as the WWE 2K Towers mode which will look at the career of Roman Reigns and there will be WWE 2K20 2K Originals DLC too. Pulse shows viewers the 2K Originals menu, which only has an image for the Bump in the Night content with Bray Wyatt and The Fiend Bray Wyatt but the three other empty slots confirm that the developers are planning much more than that.

WWE 2K20 releases October 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.