WWE 2K20 had a difficult launch, to say the least. The pro wrestling game is riddled with technical issues and glitches, and while some of the glitches may be frustrating, others are actually quite hilarious. There was a ridiculous Ronda Rousey glitch that was shared near the game's launch, but now a new glitch may take the top spot as the most ridiculous and hilarious WWE 2K20 glitch yet.

This newly discovered WWE 2K20 glitch, shared by Twitter user EspacioNX, shows a match between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. It appears to be the Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair match from the Women's Evolution 2K Showcase mode, and it shows a spot in the match where Lynch is set up on a table. Flair then climbs to the top rope to deliver a move, but she instead falls off the top ropes. The cut-scene then continues anyway, with an invisible Charlotte Flair jumping off the top and smashing Lynch through the table. The real Charlotte Flair watches this terrifying supernatural event from the outside, assuredly stunned at what she just witnessed.

WWE 2K20's glitches and technical issues are well-documented, and unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though the game has been fixed in any major way. This is especially disappointing since the quality of WWE 2K20 was so poor that the developers had to release a statement about it on Twitter. That being said, the developers have released a patch for the game and there appears to be intention to keep trying to fix it moving forward.

Visual Concepts, the studio behind WWE 2K20, is comprised of very talented people that have worked on some of the highest-rated sports video games of the last decade. Considering this, the low quality of WWE 2K20 caught many fans by surprise. It's unclear what exactly happened with the game, but speculation points to the split with Yuke's as playing a role. Yuke's was the longtime developer of WWE video games, but it did not have an active role in the development of WWE 2K20.

Whatever the case may be, fans will be hoping that next year's entry will have a little more polish than this year's entry in the long-running series.

WWE 2K20 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.