Unfortunately, the launch of WWE 2K20 has not gone nearly as smooth as Visual Concepts or 2K Sports would have hoped. The game has been plagued by a wide range of glitches and technical issues, leading to widespread mockery online. But it's not just fans who have been making of the WWE 2K20 glitches. Some WWE personalities have also joined in, including WWE commentator Byron Saxton, who recently commented on his glitched character model.

A fan on Twitter tagged Byron Saxton in a post showing the commentator's horribly glitched character model in WWE 2K20. In the image, Saxton's eyes seem to be way out of whack, with one larger than it needs to be and the other losing its pupil. It almost looks as though Saxton's eyes are melting out of his head in the image. "This explains why I've been meaning to make an appointment with my optometrist," Saxton said in response to the image.

The Byron Saxton character model in WWE 2K20 is far from the only character model that has had problems in the game. The Rock's character model in WWE 2K20 is notoriously bad, and it was the subject of ridicule even before launch. Saxton's fellow WWE broadcaster Renee Young has also commented on her poor character model in the game, saying that the WWE video games always "do me dirty."

The WWE 2K20 backlash has been pretty significant since the game's launch, prompting the WWE video game Twitter account to eventually issue a statement about the game's quality. According to the statement, a WWE 2K20 update is coming within the next couple of weeks that will look to address some of the game's problems. But considering just how many problems WWE 2K20 seems to has, fans should expect more updates before most of the issues are fixed.

It's unclear exactly what went wrong with WWE 2K20, but as we noted in our WWE 2K20 review, there has been a steep drop off in quality between it and last year's WWE 2K19. One possibility is that the departure of Yuke's played a significant role in the game seemingly being rushed, but that's just speculation at this time.

WWE 2K20 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.