While the ongoing World of Warcraft was obviously Blizzard's priority during BlizzCon 2019, World of Warcraft Classic wasn't entirely absent. Despite World of Warcraft's new upcoming expansion, Shadowlands, taking up most of the World of Warcraft segment of BlizzCon's opening ceremony, a brief window for Classic allowed for an announcement to be made. The long-awaited PvP and Honor System update for World of Warcraft Classic will be releasing in just a matter of days.

The Honor System update for World of Warcraft Classic will officially arrive the week of November 12, which is just one week away. The update is confirmed to feature all of Blizzard's Phase 2 plans for World of Warcraft Classic, which includes the complete Honor System, dishonorable kills and all. The Honor System being a new type of progression system with Honor instead of experience, and ranks that can be attained by eliminating a large number of enemies. It also includes exclusive rewards for those who attain high ranks within the Honor System.

In addition to the Honor System, however, Blizzard is also rolling out its Phase 2 PvE plans as well. The Phase 2 plans initially included Dire Maul and two open-world bosses, Kazzak and the blue dragon Azuregos. Blizzard already bumped up the release date for Dire Maul to fill a gap in endgame gear, and launched in October 15. But the plan still seems to be in place for Kazzak and Azuregos to arrive alongside the Honor System next week.

Starting in a little more than a week, World of Warcraft Classic players will have another option to take up their time. The launch of the Honor System system during the days of vanilla World of Warcraft was controversial, turning what used to be a casual and creative level of open-world PvP into huge battles that players took very seriously. Luckily, if things go bad, players can just bubble and hearth. Well, at least the Paladins can.

kazzak world of warcraft

This isn't the last update for World of Warcraft Classic by far. Phase 3 will see the launch of World of Warcraft's first PvP arenas, Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley. It will also see the release of one of World of Warcraft's most iconic raids, Blackwing Lair. The last bit of new content will be the Darkmoon Faire, as well as its first iteration of the Darkmoon Faire Decks oh-so-important to the gear grind for Blackwing Lair. Blizzard has no announced release date for Phase 3, but 2019 is a certainty.

World of Warcraft Classic is available now on PC.