There's no denying that Pokemon GO has made some amazing improvements in the years since it launched. After a very messy (and popular) first year, the game's developers really started listening to the playerbase and slowly making improvements to nearly every aspect of the game. Three years in, the title is very different than it was on day one and has a ton of quality of life improvements. That said, one feature that has been missing from the game since Battle Raids were introduced is currently being added to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, despite the fact that Pokemon GO players have been begging for it for years.

One of the most popular features in Pokemon GO is Raid Battles. These events give players the chance to collaborate with other trainers, take down powerful bosses, and add some of the best Pokemon available in the mobile game to their collection. Although Raid Battles are pretty great, there can be a lot of dead time as players wait around in a lobby for the events to start. For years, players have asked for a "Ready" button that would allow certain pre-made groups of players to jump into the Raid without waiting the full two minutes after exchanging their Raid Pass. The feature has yet to be patched into PoGO, but the latest Wizards Unite patch notes suggest something very similar is being added to that game.

The new feature is an improvement to Wizards Unite's Fortress Encounters (the equivalent of Raid Battles) and offers witches and wizards the chance to skip to the end of the timer and enter the encounter on their own. This means that with some quick communications with surrounding players a group could all skip the timer together and start battling without waiting for the lobby to expire. The patch notes explain how the feature will work...

Pokemon GO EX Raid Battle testing

"A new chamber experience has been added! When you join a room with other players, you can now tap “Ready” to let your teammates know that you’re ready to join the fight! Likewise, you can now see when other players are ready to start the challenge. As a single player, you can now skip the start timer by tapping “Start” and being sent straight to the board!"

The improvement is coming to Wizards Unite as part of the 2.5.0 update and Pokemon GO players are sure to feel some jealousy. Hopefully the feature is tested out and perfected in Wizards Unite and something similar is added to Pokemon GO in an upcoming patch (similar to how Adventure Sync was added to Wizards Unite after it had already been in PoGO). The feature has been requested for years, so it's surely something that is already on the development team's radar.

That’s everything we know at this point! Check back for more Pokemon GO updates closer to the event. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Galaxy App Store