Publisher 505 Games is bombarding with questions about Death Stranding being an Epic Games Store exclusive after it confirms it will be publishing the game on PC. The publisher made the surprise announcement about Death Stranding's PC release date today but not everyone is excited.

On Twitter, 505 Games said that it is "incredibly excited" to announce that it will be publishing Death Stranding on PC next year, but many of the more than 200 responses to the post are from people asking if the game will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. The responses range from memes about Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney calling up 505 Games to ask for exclusivity, to polite people asking for Death Stranding to be released on Steam and one tweet from a PC gamer who says that they'll wait years to buy it for $5 if it's an Epic Games Store exclusive. There seems to be a huge amount of support for Death Stranding being released on the Epic Games Store and Steam as some of these responses have more than 50 likes.

505 Games hasn't yet confirmed which stores Death Stranding will be available on and its tweet, which asked fans to "Stay tuned to our social channels for more information!" has only made fans wonder more about Epic Games Store exclusivity. Many also suggest that Death Stranding will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC as Epic Games paid millions for Control, another game that 505 Games published. Epic may see that, as 505 Games has accepted an exclusivity deal before, it would also be happy to do so with Death Stranding's PC release.

Other PlayStation exclusives that have come to PC have also been released on the Epic Games Store. Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain by developer Quantic Dream are Epic Games Store exclusives and have been very successful. If the Epic Games store is where PlayStation fans, or those who would like to play PlayStation games, are, then 505 Games could make more money by signing an exclusivity deal.

Some of those who are unhappy with Epic Games Store exclusivity deals have suggested that they won't buy a game if it's not available on Steam. However, Metro Exodus' sales weren't affected by its Epic Games Store exclusivity and publishers may make more money from fewer sales but higher revenue share when compared to Steam. If 505 Games is looking at doing an exclusivity deal for Death Stranding, this will be what the publisher will be going over.

Death Stranding will be released on November 8 on PS4 and in summer 2020 on PC.

Source: Twitter - 505 Games