With only a few days left until the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, fans’ time to make the necessary preparations is running out. Whether they like the version exclusives in Sword or Shield, players are going to have to make a choice – assuming they don’t just by both, of course.

Alongside picking between Pokemon Sword and Shield, players have a lot to look forward to and prepare for. And now Walmart has added a new task to the list if players want to pick up some exclusive items.

Walmart has just announced a unique promotion that will offer Pokemon Sword and Shield players a trainer outfit if they visit participating stores. Players don’t have to purchase the game from Walmart, though, all they need to do is visit a store and grab a code.

According to Walmart the process is fairly simple. Between November 16th (one day after Pokemon Sword and Shield releases) and Novemebr 25th, players must visit a participating Walmart and scan a QR code. They will scan the QR code using the Pokemon Pass app, which superfans should already have ready. This is the same app used to unlock retail exclusives in Pokemon Let's GO earlier this year, and it’s likely to be used extensively for Sword and Shield.

After claiming the QR code from a Walmart, players can then access their copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield to claim the trainer outfit. This is done via the Mystery Gift menu, where any unlockables will be stored.

walmart trainer outfit

As far as the design of the trainer outfit, it is an orange jumpsuit with matching hat and brown shoes. Considering that Pokemon Sword and Shield’s release date is in the fall, it seems to be keeping with that theme, but it’s also not a trainer outfit that players need to rush out and claim.

Of course, there should be more enticing Pokemon Sword and Shield drops like this that force players to visit a retailer and scan a code using the app. Pokemon Sun and Moon had players jumping to retailers like Gamestop to claim Shiny Pokemon and exclusive Pokemon. Those are the types of releases that will have players driving around town, but this trainer outfit might not. Still, those who wait a day to buy Pokemon Sword and Shield can just choose Walmart and kill two birds with one stone.

Pokemon Sword and Shield releases November 15, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Pokemon Global News