Capcom has been on a roll lately, releasing hit after hit like Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and of course, Monster Hunter World. The later just released a new and massive expansion called Iceborne for consoles, with the PC version releasing later this year, which will no doubt only reinvigorate the player base. With so much good news lately, Capcom is preparing to open a dedicated store with some products fans may be surprised to see.

From its official website, Capcom has revealed that the company is planning a grand opening celebration for its Tokyo based store on November 22, 2019. To celebrate the opening of Capcom Store Tokyo, the company has announced a number of collaboration products that'll be on sale including a Mini Perfume Collection. Surprisingly, this isn't Capcom has done this, first releasing the Naruga Kuruga character image perfume four years ago at a different event.

This time around, Capcom has prepared six new character perfume series items as a way to mark the occasion. Fans can pick up perfume based on hit Capcom games like Devil May Cry 5, Monster Hunter, and even Ace Attorney which even has a Lawyer and Prosecutor version. There's even a set for the mobile game Imprisoned Palm as well. All perfume sets come in at 5,800 yen (about $54 USD) + tax except the Ace Attorney lawyer edition which is a bit cheaper at 4,200 yen (about $39 USD) + tax.

capcom perfume collection

At this time, it's unknown if any of these unique items will be making their way outside of Japan. Similar to Nintendo's own Pokemon Center locations, it's more than likely that fans will need to book a trip to Tokyo in order to check out the merchandise on sale. Already, Capcom has shown off a ton of gear from shirts, posters, and plushies, to more unique items like the Mega Man Yellow Devil notepad, rubber Tofu Survivor mascot from Resident Evil 2, and a Sengoku BASARA Cloisonne strap.

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Source: Capcom