Toby Fox, the creator of one of the most successful indie games of all time, announced that he has composed a song for the Pokemon Sword and Shield soundtrack. The Undertale creator, writer, and composer tweeted the news out yesterday.

Undertale celebrated its fourth anniversary recently. The game, nearly a one man passion project from Fox with some help from other developers, is an comedy RPG inspired by NES and SNES era role playing games, specifically Earthbound. The game quickly gained a cult following and has since provided the internet with plentiful memes and sparked some fantastic criticism and analysis. Undertale has even worked its way into Super Smash Bros. and the AEW. Fox is currently working on the second chapter of Deltarune, a spiritual sequel to Undertale. He released the first short chapter of the game last year.

Yesterday, Toby Fox tweeted out that he was asked to compose a track for Pokemon Sword and Shield. He also posted a drawing of a Pokemon in his signature style to accompany the news. A follow up tweet clarifies that the song is a pretty small part of the game, with Fox tweeting "by the way, it's not like a main track or anything. I just thought it was cool."

This is not the first time Fox has worked as a composer with Nintendo. He was the composer on Game Freak's last game Little Town Hero and composed most of the score for the RPG. As of right now there is no information on the title of the track or where it is featured in the game, but hardcore fans of Fox are sure to find it soon after the game releases.

The hype for Sword and Shield only grows in a week full of major leaks, including looks at the final starter evolutions. The look of water starter Sobble's final evolution has ironically set the internet on fire, making fans quite unhappy. With many new and old Pokemon to catch, a new online zone, and this being the first core Pokemon game on Switch, Sword and Shield is certain to be a smash hit regardless.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.