A preview of Overwatch 2 hints at a new character that has some sort of fox-like pet. Blizzard has created anthropomorphic Overwatch heroes before such as peanut butter loving primate Winston and Wrecking Ball, a hamster in a damage dealing running ball.

In a post on Game Informer, executive editor Andrew Reiner reveals that during a visit with the Overwatch 2 development team, game director Jeff Kaplan shared a presentation with images of several unannounced heroes. One of these heroes was a female character with short hair, says Reiner, and by her side there was some sort of fox-like pet. The creature may not be a fox but Reiner explains that the animal looked like a fox "but with longer ears and a more aggressive stance."

The editor also suggested that the Overwatch 2 hero could use this fox in battle and it may not just be there for decoration. The animal was "prominent" in the hero's artwork meaning that opponents could have to come up with strategies for her weapon, which is a four-sided weapon that looks like a shuriken, and the fox.

A woman with a giant blade and a powerful pet fox is the sort of character design that many fans would expect from the Overwatch 2 development team. Some of the heroes in the first Overwatch are a damage dealing DJ, a robot that uses orbs to heal and attack, and a professional esports player in a giant mech suit. Overwatch 2 may be making some changes to gameplay, by adding more PvE missions, but fans will be glad to see that the developers will keep having fun with making new heroes.

Unfortunately, there may not be many characters like this. Kaplan has also revealed that Overwatch 2 won't have as many new characters as Overwatch. Adding so many characters could change the game too much, suggested the developer, but fans may be hoping that the team will try to fit in as many new heroes as possible.

It's also unclear when this new female hero and her fox will be added to Overwatch 2, or when the game will be available. One character that has been confirmed is Sojourn, and another character named Echo may be added to Overwatch or Overwatch 2. Overwatch 2 doesn't have a release date, however, so fans could be waiting some time before they get to play as the woman and her fox.

Overwatch 2 is currently in development for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Game Informer