Ubisoft has developed an unhealthy habit of teasing Splinter Cell over the past several years, followed by confirming shortly thereafter that there are no plans for the Splinter Cell franchise at the moment. Splinter Cell fans keep hoping that Ubisoft's plans have changed, however, and that the next teaser might be for real. It looks like fans have another opportunity to hope a Splinter Cell sequel is in development, as Ubisoft has yet again releases a Splinter Cell teaser on social media.

The official Ubisoft Twitter account for Spain is the culprit this time. Friday morning, the account posted a message featuring a photo of Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher shadowed, sporting his iconic 3-eye night vision goggles. The message itself reads, with a quick translation, "You need to understand the darkness to face it..." followed by the hashtag "#SamFisher." The tweet remains published several hours after the fact, with no follow-up or additional information provided.

Ubisoft Spain's tweet doesn't appear to be part of a broader marketing campaign. There aren't any Splinter Cell-related Tweets on any other official Ubisoft social media channels. In other words, it very much looks like Ubisoft is continuing the trend of teasing Splinter Cell just for fun, despite no intention to announce a related product or build to an announcement. Despite knowing that Splinter Cell fans will consider such a teaser as meaningful.

If forced to guess what Ubisoft Spain is doing, it would seem the organization is simply posting images related to popular Ubisoft franchises like Splinter Cell. Perhaps the social media manager is expected to do so in order to track engagement for various Ubisoft franchises or perhaps it was just for fun, because Splinter Cell really is a great franchise. The intention likely doesn't matter so much as Ubisoft's continued issue of frustrating fans on the matter.

Obviously, while in effect Ubisoft is teasing Splinter Cell yet again, it should be assumed that Ubisoft is doing so mistakenly. That said, if the tweet is taken seriously and Ubisoft is indeed teasing Splinter Cell seriously, then there are two upcoming events to watch for potentially more information. Xbox's X019 event will be on November 14 and The Game Awards and The Game Awards 2019 will be on December 12. Both events are certain to have some announcements to share. Odds that one is Splinter Cell are low, but there's always a possibility.