The Game Awards 2019 are just around the corner, and with the nominees announced, it's about that time for gamers to start voting on their favorite games. Twitter has taken to holding its own vote on the Best Gaming Tweet from 2019, as its own way in on gaming from the last year.

The call to vote on the Best Gaming Tweet is supported by The Gaming Awards official Twitter account, where fans can go on to choose from their five favorite gaming inspired tweets. Topics range from Untitled Goose Game to Cyberpunk 2077, covering some of the biggest moments in gaming in 2019.

Twitter Gaming, an official account by Twitter that focuses on gaming news and community engagement, posted a poll hosted by The Gaming Awards account that takes voters through an automated system to vote for their favorite tweet. The five tweets to vote for come from the Twitter handles @Cat_Cosplay, @celiusgs, @stephcask, @cherzinga, and @YTSunnys. Each one of the tweets is hilarious in their own right, but it's up to each individual fan to choose their own favorite, giving more players a choice in what they consider the best unlike some of The Gaming Awards' most notable snubs.

Some of the games mentioned in these tweets are among the nominees for a number of categories in this December's The Game Awards show, while others involve highly anticipated titles that haven't made it to release just yet. If just taking the number of likes into account, it would seem that the current front runner is @YTSunny's tweet showing a flawless run in the notoriously difficult World 1-1 With A Twist level from Super Mario Maker. However, the more recent image of the goose from Untitled Goose Game taking the Master Sword from BOTW might resonate better with voters due to the game still being fresh in fans' minds at the moment.

Anyone looking to vote on their favorite tweet can simply click through the Twitter Gaming initial tweet in order to cast their vote. While community votes won't come into consideration for a number of the official awards in The Game Awards show coming in December, fans can at least have an impact on some of these fun community polls. And fans should remember to keep their eyes open during the show for upcoming game announcements.

The Game Awards airs on December 12th, 2019

Source: Twitter (Via WWG)