Twitch streamer ExoHydraX has been permanently banned from the streaming service due to what Twitch calls "suggestive clothing." This is the latest in a line of female Twitch streamers being banned for suggestive content when the reasoning is questionable at best.

ExoHydraX was originally a YouTube streamer for five years, and still streams on that service, but moved to Twitch due to the larger viewership. However, after a stream that was attacked by trolls using racial slurs, her account was banned for her wearing suggestive clothing.

In an emotional stream on YouTube, ExoHydraX explains to her view and the validity of Twitch's claims. Twitch banned her for sexually suggestive clothing, but the attire isn't meant to be suggestive. ExoHydraX wears form-fitting clothing, but she is also curvy, so her clothing shows come cleavage and emphasizes her curves. After a group of trolls started attacking and reporting her channel, Twitch agreed with the trolls saying that her outfit was too suggestive, and banned her account.

While on YouTube, ExoHydraX states that it's "kinda crazy to me, cuz ... you see so many other girls that are like partner and you're like they're an actual figure of Twitch and they're doing the same thing." These bans appear to disproportionately affect larger and curvier women, where their cleavage and curves are far harder to cover up than a woman with a smaller figure. ExoHydraX is trying to appeal the bans, and states she's done her research on several cases similar to hers.

Click here to see ExoHydraX's reaction to her Twitch ban, but be warned that there is some harsh language.

Female Twitch streamers, in general, have a lot of extra problems to deal with over their male counterparts. Pokimane needing a bodyguard for TwitchCon is a telling sign of the dangers of being a popular streamer, but even smaller streamers like ExoHydrXa have issues to deal with. Her ban came after a bunch of trolls brought ExoHydraX to Twitch's attention, and unlike someone like Pokimane and Amouranth, she did not have the clout to stop the harassment and ban. Even models can get banned from Twitch suddenly for suggestive content, sometimes just on the fact that they are attractive to viewers.

Also, as ExoHydraX states in her video, the bans and punishments aren't even across the board, leading to a lot of confusion on what is right and what's wrong to do on Twitch. There are even some streamers that protest some Twitch users' bans by doing the same thing and not getting banned, which makes the vague guidelines of Twitch really difficult to navigate. Hopefully, this increase in cases will have Twitch looking to update their regulations.