The world of Twitch is in constant fluctuation. Sometimes, there are incidents of Twitch banning someone over something that many consider to be nothing or even streamers like Bridgett who remain confused as to their ban. Other times, there are cases of Twitch streamers doing something incredibly insane or cool, and more often than not, there is a lesson to be learned. This seems to be the case for a Twitch science and technology streamer known as Laboratory424 whose chat quickly taught him to not allow access to an art board.

At face value, it seems like a cool idea and a good way to get the Twitch chat involved in a stream, but as the idiom goes, "one bad apple can spoil the bunch." Laboratory424 had created a way for his chat to manipulate and put up images on an art board behind him in his stream, which could be useful for a variety of reasons. Instead, those in his chat decided to throw up images of Pepe the Frog and then a NSFW design of a male appendage.

Upon realizing this, Twitch streamer Laboratory424 quickly tried to shut it down. It doesn't seem like something he would be quick to do again in the future, but many have pointed out that there's a way for him to create a preview for such instances. Basically, he would be able to see what someone is trying to put on the art board before they do, and he essentially give approval before it appears. For those who want to see exactly what happened, click here, but be warned, the material is NSFW.

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It seems that the chatter who committed the act was banned, but many will be glad to know that Laboratory424 himself was not. This echoes the recent words of Twitch CEO Emmett Shear who recently explained why some Twitch streamers get banned and others don't, clarifying that it all depended upon the intent of the incident. Since it wasn't Laboratory424's fault, he didn't get banned.

While the moderation rule makes a ton of sense, many question if it's actually implemented as it should. One in recent memory is the Alinity cat throwing incident, in which now-Mixer streamer Ninja recently criticized, and how intent matters there. Regardless, it proved to be a good thing for Laborartory424, since he was not hit with the infamous ban hammer.