Twitch streamer Intraventus claims she was the victim of targeted harassment following a ban by the streaming platform. Intraventus claims that she received an indefinite ban for nudity, despite never actually showing any inappropriate parts of her body.

Intraventus is one of many Twitch streamers that use body painting to show off their skill and entertain their audience. Based on that description it might seem obvious why Intraventus was banned, but body painting streamers typically start with a base coat over their body, especially on areas that would deemed unsuitable for public display.

Because Intraventus has been banned it’s not possible to go back and see how she started her body painting stream in the Creative directory. She did, however, provide a picture of what her progress looked like before her stream was shut down.

The good news is that Intraventus’ stream was restored and all seems to be running as normal for the body painter and artist. As far as the confusion over the ban, Twitch claims that it was a mistake and Intraventus should not have been banned.

No doubt this was a frustrating situation for the Twitch streamer, who took to social media in tears. Intraventus felt targeted because many body painters feature just as (if not more) revealing displays when on camera and yet none have received bans.

Body painting streams are allowed by Twitch as long as the streamer follows the company’s policies on content, but those aren’t as clear as they should be. Many streamers toe the line between what is considered entertainment and what is pornographic.

The inconsistencies of Twitch extend far beyond the world of body painting, though, with many streamers receiving bans of different lengths for similar actions. One streamer might be banned for months for using a racial slur, while another will never face any action. Twitch has even tried to explain why those inconsistencies exist, with context cited as a main determining factor, but in some cases, context seems to be ignored.

Many point to the way Twitch handled the situation with Alinity throwing her cat as an example of inconsistent rule enforcement. Even with PETA calling for Alinity to be banned, Twitch did not issue any punishment.

At the end of the day, when anyone is banned by Twitch there will be raised eyebrows. Even someone has well established on the platform as Amouranth, who was banned for a wardrobe mishap, can be banned one day and unbanned the next.

Source: Dexerto

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