Twitch streamer Amouranth throws shade at Trainwrecks, another Twitch streamer, as the feud between the two doesn't appear to have ended. This isn't Amouranth's first drama as she also became a story when she was banned from Twitch for an NSFW wardrobe malfunction.

Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv has criticized Amouranth's behavior several times before, suggesting that her NSFW wardrobe malfunction was no accident and that she did it for fame. After Amouranth's performance at TwitchCon 2019, Trainwrecks also called the streamer "shameless." Amouranth was also asked to leave a TwitchCon 2019 event, which caused more controversy about the streamer.

Things have gone back and forth between the two streamers and in her November 18 stream, Amouranth hit back with some shade of her own. She called Trainwrecks "very hard-working" but also said that he should warm up or cool down with weights of more than 7.5 pounds "because he's a big guy." Amouranth also feels that Trainwrecks should "consider leg day more frequently."

The clip from Amouranth's stream has been viewed 82,308 times on Twitch and has been upvoted 1.3k times on the LivestreamFails reddit. It does seem to have won her some fans as one reddit user called this "good banter" from Amouranth, while another said that her "roast game is on point." Others joked that they now like Amouranth, surprising themselves, and one suggested that this could be her "redemption arc" after being criticized for the wardrobe malfunction. These new fans are unlikely to cover the hundreds of thousands of followers Amouranth lost because of bots, but it will help.

Feuds between streamers are what many viewers enjoy about streaming. This is why so many people have watched the video of Ninja shading Alinity over her animal abuse controversy and why this Amouranth and trainwrecks shade clip has thousands more views than other clips taken from her stream this month. There are also YouTubers and other Twitch streamers who create videos and streams about the drama, adding more fuel to the fire.

As Amouranth and trainswrecks' viewers sit back and enjoy the shade battle between the two Twitch streamers, some will be wondering when the next round will happen. At a rate of abut one shady clip a month, fans could be waiting a while for one of them to deal the potentially knockout blow.

Source: Twitch, Reddit