Early in September, Twitch streamer Amouranth was banned for a wardrobe malfunction on stream. The story of her ban went viral, and Twitch ultimately unbanned her after only three days. Upon returning to the streaming platform, Amouranth saw a huge boost in her follower count, gaining over 410,000 new followers, but the streamer has now lost almost 300,000 of her followers overnight.

Best known for her cosplay and ASMR streams, Amouranth had a healthy amount of followers and fans prior to the aforementioned wardrobe malfunction that made her stream NSFW by accident. However, this incident made the rounds on the internet, leading some to question Twitch's banning policies regarding women's wardrobes, and it resulted in a swift explosion of new followers and subscribers for Amouranth.

The subsequent unfollowing happened with a similar immediacy, taking place on October 29 and occurring in one fell swoop. This may suggest that the the mass unfollowing is not a natural occurrence, as a typical loss of followers is more likely to take place over a period of a few days, though no one is exactly sure what may have happened.

Some theorize that follow bots could have been used to inflate follower numbers upon Amouranth's return to Twitch, and those bots could have been set to unfollow her after a certain amount of time. The streamers's average view count did remain relatively steady following the huge spike to Amouranth's follower count, giving some credence to this theory, but this is certainly speculative, and it is not known if Amouranth set anything up to earn extra follows herself.

Regardless of the circumstances, this is all still a clear win for Amouranth. Even after the follower drop-off on the 29th, she still has several thousand new, real followers. Her ban is so well known that there are even Twitch streamer parodies on Amouranth's incident, which hilariously got that parodying streamer banned as well. While it might take a while before Amouranth hits that 1.5 million follower count again, her controversial ban certainly seems to have worked in her favor.

Source: Dexerto