Cosplayer and Twitch streamer Amouranth has skyrocketed in popularity since she was banned after a wardrobe mishap in early September. When Amouranth returned from her ban, she quickly became one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, though controversy hasn't been far behind her. Now the streamer has come under fire for a recent Twitch IRL stream where she appeared to be looking at her chat while driving.

In the clip, Amouranth takes her eyes off the road multiple times. It appears that she does this so she can read her Twitch chat, which her own chat quickly called her out on. Amouranth didn't get into any kind of accident or hurt anyone from doing this, but it's still causing controversy. Mainly, the controversy seems to stem from the belief that Amouranth is going to avoid getting into any kind of trouble for looking away form the road while driving.

Many Twitch viewers and streamers are under the impression that the streaming site has double standards, picking and choosing when to enforce its rules. Twitch seems to favor more popular streamers, letting them skate by for offenses that would get other streamers banned. One recent example of this is when Twitch permanently banned ExoHydraX for "suggestive" clothing, despite many other streamers dressing provocatively with no repercussions (and it should be noted that ExoHydraX wasn't even dressed in provocative clothing).

Click here to see the Amouranth driving clip.

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In the past, Twitch streamers have been penalized for taking their eyes off the road while driving. For example, Mitch Jones was suspended from Twitch for looking at his phone while driving in a Twitch IRL stream, which was a punishment that he said he completely agreed with. If Amouranth is facing any consequences for doing what appears to be the same thing in her own Twitch stream, nothing has been announced at this time.

Driving and Twitch streaming at the same time seems like a bad idea in general, though, and it has gotten other Twitch streamers in even bigger trouble. Polish Twitch streamer Pajalockk was banned after a Twitch IRL driving stream where he was seen nearly hitting pedestrians on multiple occasions. Another Twitch streamer, KBubblez, was criticized so harshly for her poor driving in a stream on the LivestreamFail subreddit that she said Reddit had ruined her life.

So far, it appears as though Amouranth is going to avoid being banned by Twitch for this driving incident. Whether that's due to Twitch's perceived double standards for popular streamers or because Twitch genuinely believes Amouranth didn't violate its rules is up for debate.

Source: Dexerto