Twitch is primarily used by its streamers to showcase video game content, but sometimes it's used for other purposes. Twitch lets its streamers record their lives in what are called IRL streams, and it also lets them just chat with their audience. Twitch streamer MissCoookieez even decided to celebrate her birthday with her Twitch audience, birthday cake and all. But what should have been a low-key situation quickly got out of hand as MissCoookieez accidentally lit her mic on fire with her birthday cake candles.

In her birthday live stream, MissCoookieez can be seen holding a cake with a bunch of lit candles in them. At one point during the stream, she accidentally gets the candles too close to her microphone, causing it to go up in flames. MissCoookieez remains surprisingly collected during the incident, and quickly manages to blow the fire out. It's good that the situation was resolved before the fire could have damaged MissCoookieez's equipment or worse, spread elsewhere.

Twitch IRL and Just Chatting streams are popular partly because of the unpredictable nature of live broadcasts. No one ever really knows what's going to happen on a Twitch stream, and that has led to many surprising situations over the years, like the MissCoookieez birthday cake incident.

The MissCoookieez birthday cake situation ended without anyone getting hurt and was pretty lighthearted overall. However, not all of the weird things seen on Twitch streams are quite as innocent. For example, there was a recent live stream hosted by controversial Twitch star Amouranth, where she was simply doing her grocery shopping. Amouranth's chat noticed that a man seemed to take a picture of her while she was in the store and warned her. While it was never confirmed that the man at the store was actually taking pictures of Amouranth, it was still a strange stream and is a reminder that people could potentially get into real danger while streaming.

Sometimes Twitch streamers are the cause of the danger themselves. There have been numerous streamers who have gotten in trouble for driving while streaming, as they become distracted by the chat and drive recklessly as a result. These things are against Twitch's Terms of Service, so hopefully we see less people driving dangerously because they feel the need to stream and drive.

In the meantime, let's also hope that no other Twitch streamers accidentally light their microphones, or anything else, on fire.