Content creator PayMoneyWubby is letting his frustrations be known after serving a 5-day suspension from Twitch that, according to the platform, was actually a mistake. In his first stream back from the erroneous suspension, PayMoneyWubby went on several epic rants, criticized Twitch at every turn, and threw his hat into the ring regarding the streaming platform’s inconsistent rule enforcement.

Everything started over a week ago when PayMoneyWubby setup an IRL stream inside of a restaurant. Usually his streams involve some sort of in-home gimmick – like a full body green screen suit – but in this case PayMoneyWubby was streaming in public.

Twitch has certain rules about streaming in public, especially in businesses like restaurants, and plenty of streamers have served temporary bans for showing unknowing customer’s faces. PayMoneyWubby was just another in a long line of streamers to have been issued a punishment for streaming in a business and in this case the suspension was set for 14 days.

However, PayMoneyWubby claims that he had permission from the restaurant’s owner to stream in their establishment. Shortly after his stream went offline, the content creator voiced his frustration on social media, both because he was banned and because he could not contact anyone from Twitch staff to rectify the situation.

This continued for 5 days with PayMoneyWubby regularly calling out Twitch and its staff asking for help. But as time went on the frustration mounted and Twitch’s lack of communication when it comes to rule enforcement once again became an issue. PayMoneyWubby could assume why he was banned but was never given an opportunity to explain the situation or speak with an admin to try to fix things.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, PayMoneyWubby received an e-mail explaining that the ban was a mistake and his channel was restored. The correspondence was very matter-of-fact and lacking in sincerity, and it only seemed to incense the content creator more. Having missed 5 days worth of potential revenue generation, PayMoneyWubby was ready to host a return stream and he was going to let Twitch hear him.

The stream kicked off with PayMoneyWubby wearing a clown outfit and playing the role of Twitch. It was a basic skit but it was obvious that there was an underlying anger despite the comedic tone. And throughout the stream PayMoneyWubby continued to criticize Twitch, citing a lack of consistency when it comes to rule enforcement. Alinity was one of the streamers cited when discussing Twitch streamers who never served a punishment despite controversial actions. The female streamer was shown on camera mistreating her cat, enticing it to drink alcohol in one stream and then throwing the cat in another.

According to PayMoneyWubby, he reached out to several content creators for a YouTube video he was creating about the situation and many declined to comment. He says that they didn’t want to badmouth Twitch for fear of losing Bounties, which are a type of paid sponsorship available to Twitch Partners in “Good Standing” on the platform.

Ultimately, it seems like PayMoneyWubby bounced back from his wrongful suspension with a stream filled with subs and donations. But there is a growing resentment brewing among streamers that is convincing some to move to new platforms like Mixer and others to break their silence. It will be interesting to see whether Twitch has anything more to say about PayMoneyWubby’s accidental ban.