A single tweet posted to Twitter this week reveals why the PS5 could be a major sales success. Sony has confirmed several pieces of information about the console, such as the PS5's SSD, and fans on social media suggest that Sony could be onto something big.

The reviews of Google Stadia haven't been kind, but on Twitter, Forbes journalist Paul Tassi offered some Google Stadia praise. Tassi said that Google's streaming service is a "godsend" as it allows players to get into games quickly and game load times are fast too. Kotaku's Jason Schreier retweeted Tassi to say that "not coincidentally, "play right away, download just what you need, no load times" will be some of Sony's top selling points for the PlayStation 5."

While there were several responses from gamers who joked that older consoles such as the Sega Genesis have always been able to load games fast, others seemed to really like the idea and Schreier's tweet has 1,861 likes. One user said that "putting a disc in and playing immediately would be a big improvement over current gen" and another said that they are "all for it." The PS5 may have bigger games with higher quality graphics, but if Sony can solve one of the biggest issues that people have with PS4 games, it could help the PS5's sales.

Offering fast load times and games that can be downloaded by game mode would also help the PS5 battle streaming services like Google Stadia. It sales haven't been strong, perhaps due to its limited Stadia launch lineup, but if the PS5 can provide players with the same experience, Stadia and other streaming services won't be any sort of challenge.

The tweet and its responses suggest that Sony has been listening to PS4 players in making the PS5. A good way to get people to spend several hundreds of dollars on a new console is to solve problems that they had with their old one. However, Sony knows that it has to get several other things right too if the PS5 is going to sell as much as the PS4.

One of these is the PS5's price, as anything that is much more expensive than the Xbox Project Scarlett could be incredibly damaging. Another is the PS5's launch games as people just won't buy something without great games and $400 is a big amount of money to spend on lounge decoration. Announcements about these will likely happen next year, but while fans wait, the idea of faster game loading is what's getting them excited.

Source: Twitter - Jason Schreier