This past weekend, it was discovered that Sony patented cartridge technology, presumably for use with its next-generation PlayStation 5 console. This would be a huge departure from past PlayStation consoles, all of which used discs in some form. While it remains to be seen if the PS5 will actually use game cartridges or not for its physical media, we may have an idea of what they will look like.

Dutch publication LetsGoDigital has created 3D renders of the supposed PS5 game cartridges, based on the recently-discovered patent. LetsGoDigital's take on the PS5 cartridge shows a blue and grey color scheme, with different cartridge sizes available. Considering the colors Sony has utilized for its hardware in the past, it's not hard to see how this very well could be what the PS5 cartridges look like if they are ever produced.

It appears as though Sony may be taking some design risks when it comes to the PS5, if the cartridges and the dev kit design are any indication of what to expect from the final product. The PS5 dev kits show a V-shaped console, resembling the Roman numeral for the number "5." While this would certainly fit the console's theme, console dev kits rarely resemble the design that actually makes it to store shelves.

ps5 cartridges

Just like the PS5 console may not look like the dev kits, it's possible that the PS5 cartridges will look different than what's seen in the patent. It's also possible that the PS5 won't have cartridges at all, as companies often patent technology that they never actually release for consumers. However, it should be noted that this isn't the first time that we've heard of the PS5 possibly using cartridges instead of discs.

Last year, Sony filed a different patent for a game cartridge that looked much different than this newer one. Considering this, it seems that Sony has planned on using game cartridges for the PS5 for quite some time. But again, plans could change between now and when the PS5 console launches.

The PS5 release date is somewhere in the holiday season of 2020, though a specific date is unknown at this time. The most likely scenario is that the PS5 will launch in November of 2020, so we should find out months before then if the console will be using cartridges or not.

Source: LetsGoDigital