Diablo 4 was met with considerable fanfare upon its announcement at BlizzardCon 2019. The first game in the core series comes after seven years, and Blizzard celebrated the news with style by hiring professional cosplayers to dress as the new Diablo 4 characters. Safe to say, the cosplayers didn't disappoint, and Stefanie Drew had an incredible transformation to embody the new villain Lilith.

Diablo 4 looks to continue the series famed dungeon crawling aspects, and after a disappointing mobile game, fans are pleased to get what they have been waiting for. Fans will also be relieved that the distinctive art style of the series looks to continue as well. The series has always had a gothic aesthetic and unique imagery, so naturally, it is perfect for cosplay. Yet, the Lilith cosplay is truly impressive.

There has already been discussion about who Diablo 4's villain, Lilith is. It seems as if the character will operate in a moral grey, rather than the previous antagonists who waged a war against the heavens. This may lead to a different kind of story in the new game, but with Diablo 4 a while away, only time will tell. What is immediately clear, is the artistic merits of the characters design, and Stefanie Drew has done a fantastic job of capturing the character.

The stunning Diablo 4 trailer revealing Lilith had her with a gown rather than demonic wings, yet the concept art from Diablo 4 also shows the character with wings similar to this cosplay depiction. It will be interesting to see the appearance of the character throughout Diablo 4, and many will hope that other cutscenes match the quality of the cinematic trailer for the game. It appears that the passionate fanbase has been won over with the trailer, and character. The praise from fans directed at the new character may ease some concerns for the developer, Blizzard, who have had a turbulent relationship with players of late.

Blizzard has been under fire for weeks, because of its handling of Hearthstone gamer, Blitzchung in the wake of his comments about Hong Kong. Since then, the posts made by the developer have been filled with responses about the political situation. The success of Blizzcon 2019, will leave many wondering if Blizzard has done enough to win fans back. Many fans will now focus on future games, but despite impressive artistic commissions, some may still stop to consider before investing in Blizzard.

Diablo 4 is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku