Since it was announced late last year that The Witcher would be receiving a television adaptation over at Netflix, the show has without a doubt become one of the streaming platforms most highly anticipated series. Based off a series of popular Polish fantasy novels and, of course, CD Projekt Red’s critically acclaimed RPG trilogy, The Witcher already has the franchise's biggest fans incredibly excited, and thanks to a new trailer, they finally know when Geralt’s newest adventure will begin.

Released via Netflix earlier today, the new footage shows off a deeper look into Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the grizzled White Wolf, a younger Yennifer, and even a few of the terrifying monsters the iconic protagonist will face. Perhaps more interesting, however, is the release date that caps off the trailer, with Netflix revealing that The Witcher will be available on the streaming platform on December 20.

That’s not too long of a wait for fans dying to finally get their hands on the brand-new TV show, and if the contents of the trailer are anything to go by, it will almost definitely be worth the wait. Alongside hearing more of Cavill’s near-perfect recreation of Doug Cockle’s rendition of the character, the trailer introduces viewers to more of the plot, including Geralt being tasked with protecting a young girl named Ciri. Of course, Ciri is far from a stranger in The Witcher franchise, starring prominently in the books and even being playable in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Although the trailer explicitly claims that it will follow the story of the novels, it’s clear some visual aspects and characterization traits have been ripped from the games, hinting that the show will be the best of both worlds.

Of course, if fans can’t wait until December to get stuck back into the dark world of The Witcher, the franchise’s third video game adaptation, Wild Hunt, has recently become available on the Nintendo Switch. While the port has been lightly criticized for its poor textures, the novelty of playing 2015’s landmark RPG on a handheld console has been almost universally praised, especially as it brings what many consider to be this generation’s best RPG to a whole new subset of players.

Whether we see The Witcher get a fourth video game adaptation remains to be seen, but with the game’s developer, CD Projekt Red, working on the highly anticipated release of Cyberpunk 2077, it will likely be awhile regardless. It’s lucky then that Netflix’s live-action take on the series can give fans a healthy dose of Witcher goodness while they wait.

The Witcher streams on Netflix beginning Friday, December 20.