Plenty of gamers who grew up with the original PlayStation are nostalgic for the console, even if they've long moved on from its blocky graphics. One company is capitalizing on that nostalgia by producing a perfectly accurate PlayStation bento box.

Bento boxes are essentially Japanese lunch boxes. Unlike the traditional western style, bento boxes are rectangular or square, flat, and usually have multiple compartments to put different dishes into. The design of the average bento box means the shape of the PlayStation 1 is a perfect choice to convert into a bento.

The PlayStation bento box should be quite a nostalgia bomb for anyone who remembers unboxing their PlayStation. The packaging resembles the original box for the PlayStation, and the bento itself looks exactly like the original console, at a slightly smaller scale. The bento includes a divider and an elastic band emblazoned with the PlayStation logo to keep it closed. Unfortunately, the eject button and CD compartment are inaccessible. Instead, the top of the PlayStation bento lifts off completely.

Unfortunately for fans in the west, at the moment, the PlayStation bento box is only available in Japan. While some shops there reportedly have it for sale, it's actually intended to be a prize in a crane game machine, which are extremely popular in Japan. Some fans have already gotten their hands on them and are sharing images of their cooking packed into the bento compartments on social media.

Nostalgia for the PlayStation 1 seems to continue growing as time passes. While many fans were ultimately disappointed at the selection of games released on the PlayStation Classic, part of its charm was Sony's effort to make it look like a perfect miniature of the original PlayStation.

Gamers who can't get their hands on the PlayStation bento box don't have to fret, as there are still plenty of nostalgic PlayStation items to grab. The recent PlayStation mug featuring the original logo is not only sells at GameStop, but for quite cheap, too.

Source: Kotaku