Game Award nominee for best RPG, The Outer Worlds, is getting its big 1.1 patch today. The Obsidian developed space shooter RPG was received pretty well but nothing's perfect, so now the game is getting a patch that is improving some of the major complaints. The developer details the 1.1 update in a post on the Obsidian forums, which is out for every platform that the game is currently available on.

The biggest of these changes is that text size can now increased by using a toggle in the settings. The option increases font for conversation text, cinematic subtitles, bark subtitles, and terminal text. This was one of the biggest complaints players have had since The Outer Worlds came out in October.

This doesn't really solve one of the worst things about The Outer Worlds, though. Yes, increasing the text size for subtitles and on terminals will be a major improvement, especially for console players who sit far away from their TVs. But the text size that is still not able to be adjusted is in the menus and UI. The inventory and menu screens are even harder to read than the subtitles, so this patch won't actually fix the biggest issue fans have been having with the text size.

In addition to allowing players to increase font size, the Obsidian forum post details the other changes and fixes to The Outer Worlds. In terms of weapon balancing, they have rebalanced the Prismatic Hammer, fixing a glitch that allowed it to do 10s of thousands of points of damage at a higher level. Foliage on the Xbox One now has parity with the foliage on PlayStation 4 as well.

Some quest bugs were addressed including changing the way botched companion quests work. According to Obsidian, "Botched companion quests will now l have their status reset to Active allowing the player to add these companions to a party when leaving the ship in order to un-botch the quests, unless the death occurred prior to unlocking the companion quest."

A lot more is still in store for The Outer Worlds, including a Switch port, more updates and patches, and hopefully, some big story expansions and DLC. Since the game was influenced so heavily by Betheda's Fallout games, it makes sense that they would release more content, as Obsidian's own Fallout game, New Vegas, received multiple DLC expansion packs.

The Outer Worlds is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will be out for the Switch at some point in Q1 2020.

Source: Obsidian