There are a great many small details that help make The Outer Worlds so memorable. Most of them go into giving depth to the experience of playing Obsidian Entertainment’s new RPG, but some are just there for laughs, like the inclusion of Obsidian’s Dungeons and Dragons characters in The Outer Worlds’ credits. But it turns out that these Easter eggs can get even more self-referential, the kind of in-joke only the game’s developers are aware of. Luckily, though, one of the game’s chief creators has opened up on these, revealing how his team poked a little harmless fun at one of his unique interests.

PC Gamer spoke recently with Tim Cain, the co-director of The Outer Worlds and creator of the original Fallout, and discussed all sorts of things regarding the game in the wake of its launch late last month. It was during this conversation that an interesting detail emerged: Cain is a hardcore chocolate aficionado, having kept a thorough record of everything chocolate-based he’s eaten for the past 26 years. This love for chocolate even extended to the development of The Outer Worlds, where Cain would arrange daily chocolate-tasting meetings where he would discuss aspects of it like “if it's single origin, what country it's from, the cacao percentage, any flavoring agents.”

Through these meetings, the team came to be familiar with the fact that Cain is no fan of white chocolate. This led to lead designer Charles Staples cheekily trying to sneak in an item into The Outer Worlds called “Tim Cain's White Chocolate Yummies” right before the game was going to be certified, but since the item existed as a piece of text, it was easy for Cain to find it and catch it before it that could happen.

Unbeknownst to Cain, though, Staples had also gone to an artist to insert the text into the art for one of the game’s NPCs. “So you can't search for it and it's on a character that you were highly unlikely to kill,” Cain explained. He did eventually find the item while testing The Outer Worlds’ ability to let players kill any NPC, but by that point the game had already been certified, so there was no way to remove it.

This isn’t the only white chocolate-based Easter egg that ended up in the game at Cain’s expense. In The Outer Worlds location Roseway, there is a bar called the 17th Bar, and it got that name after one of the developers hid 17 bars of white chocolate in Cain’s office as a prank, complete with a ransom-style note made of cutout letters.

“I looked everywhere,” Cain said. “The first day I could only find 13. Over the next week, week and a half, I found another three. I never found the 17th one.” This fiasco inspired level designer Tyson Christensen to add the 17th Bar location to the game, as a way for Cain to always remember that still-missing bar of his least favorite chocolate. “So talk about an Easter egg that doesn't mean anything, except to people who were here at Obsidian working on this project.”

The Outer Worlds is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will be out for the Switch at some point in Q1 2020.

Source: PC Gamer