Obsidian's dystopian sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds hasn't been out for long (less than a week, in fact), but players are already hard at work uncovering every possible route through the game. That includes speed-running, and one The Outer Worlds player has managed to beat the game in record time: his playthrough clocked in at under 25 minutes.

A typical The Outer Worlds playthrough will obviously take a good deal longer to complete; the general estimate for most players is over 40 hours of gameplay. Popular speed-runner YouTuber Jabo set out to test just how wildly shortened that number could be and reached his goal through a very deliberate set of in-game choices.

Earlier this week, Jabo actually made a couple of attempts before setting his current record: the first speed-run clocked in at 30:54, before the second and current playthrough came out today, lasting for exactly 24 minutes and 21 seconds. Now, The Outer Worlds isn't a short game, nor was it intended to offer a short main story campaign, so naturally Jabo skipped through gigantic sections of the game and got a horrible ending in pursuit of his goal—on purpose, of course. To achieve such a specific and fast ending, the YouTuber selected his Outer Worlds character's skills--or lack thereof--to suit the task, which required (among other things) an intelligence of zero.

The description for Jabo's video went into a little more detail, with spoilers, on how to complete a speed-run of The Outer Worlds. "So this run utilizes a lot of new tricks; first of all, we have the jump at the start of Monarch that skips running around the entire level - this saves around 90 seconds but makes fighting in the later sections a little bit harder as we are unable to get the revolver Mk2," he wrote. "Second off, the ending for the run is much different - it was discovered that there's a (dumb) ending that sees you, the player, take the 0 intelligence attribute and fly the ship of the Hope straight into the sub, killing yourself and everyone on board. This skips the later sections of the run, saving around 2-3 minutes."

So there it is: players can, in fact, complete The Outer Worlds in a hilariously short amount of time, though most wouldn't want to. For those wanting a more natural in-game experience, expect to spend a little more time completing objectives—and consider giving the player character at least some intelligence, among other useful attributes and equipment.

The Outer Worlds is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube