It’s been a little more than a week since The Outer Worlds came out for fans hungry for more RPG goodness from Obsidian Entertainment. Enough time has passed that some players have already managed to reach the end and watch the credits roll, and they’ve found a charming Easter egg there that acknowledges all the people who helped make The Outer Worlds a reality, including the fictional ones.

Obsidian boasts a long pedigree of high quality role-playing games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Pillars of Eternity, as well as the game The Outer Worlds has been compared to the most, Fallout: New Vegas. So it’s no surprise that a fair number of the folks at the studio aren’t just big fans of pen-and-paper RPGs, but took part in a couple of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns during development of their latest virtual role-player.

In a delightfully nerdy touch, these campaigns, and the characters created for them, were honored in The Outer Worlds’ credits, as first noticed by Polygon. Underneath the “In Memoriam” section, the game acknowledges the “Development Tabletop Characters” that starred in two 5th Edition DnD campaigns, one lead by 3D artist Daniel Platt and another lead by designer John Cotto.

From the looks of it, each of the characters credited belong to a member of the Obsidian team, and each briefly details the character’s name, class, and level. These include such memorable names as Sir Aillig Frasier Hillnettle, a “Level 9 Bard/Level 3 Fighter,” and Persinette de la Force, an Arcane Trickster. Sadly, though, it appears most of these characters didn’t survive their adventures, as one character, a Level 12 Barbarian Dragonborn named Ruthless (Toothless) Donaar, was credit as having died during Platt’s campaign, “At Death’s Door.” But that’s nothing compared to the headcount of Cotto’s campaign, “Happily Ever After?”, which saw five Level 7 characters perish, with no other characters credited as having survived. It certainly suggests that Cotto does not mess around as a dungeon master.

the outer worlds dungeons and dragons credit tribute

The passion that Obsidian’s developers have for good role-playing experiences certainly carried over into their latest game. As the critical acclaim for The Outer Worlds shows, it nails the fundamentals of what gamers really look forward to in these kinds of experiences, allowing them to dive into a deep narrative and enabling them to leave their own unique mark on it with each playthrough.

The Outer Worlds is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon