Yes, that title is correct; one final game is being released for the Nintendo Wii. Ubisoft announced today that it has recently released the final game for the console that originally released over 13 years ago in 2006.

The new title is Just Dance 2020, which released November 5th across a number of platforms including current generation consoles such as the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. While the Wii U isn't specifically mentioned, the backwards compatibility of the Wii does mean that Just Dance 2020 can be played on both systems.

Fans have speculated on why Ubisoft may have released the next Just Dance for Wii, citing that the system is a widely available tool used for physical therapy. So by releasing the title on the Wii, it will increase the catalog available for doctors and patients currently using the Wii, some of which can't exactly afford to upgrade to the next generation of consoles as the technology advances. With a market still available for the system, even if it was discontinued six years ago, this decision could prove to work out for the company.

Since this game will be the last one to release on the Wii, it would seem that while there is a market for the great games available on the Wii to capitalize on, Ubisoft doesn't have much more faith to spare for the console in the future. When Just Dance 2020 was first announced, some tweets went viral, questioning the decision and poking fun at continuing to release games for a discontinued console. Now, with Ubisoft offering the official bookend on the Wii's library, that same sentiment has been spreading again.

While it is strange to continue to see support for an otherwise dead console, this isn't the first time that companies have kept releasing titles for previous console generations. However, now that the Wii's final game has been confirmed, that means that Nintendo and any other third parties involved with the systems are currently moving forward with their full support focused on the Switch and bringing new experiences to the current generation of consoles.

Just Dance 2020 is available now for Google Stadia, PS4, Switch, Wii, and Xbox One

Source: The Gamer