Holiday shoppers looking to get some video game presents bought before Black Friday might want to look at Target's ongoing 24-hours sales on Electronic Arts games. The sale is a "Kids Daily Deal" through Target Circle, a promotion for the company's new loyalty program. The sale discounts 40% off most if not all of Target's EA games and can be used online. Games on sale include titles from franchises including FIFA, Madden, NHL, The Sims, Battlefield, and Star Wars.

Here's how the sale works. In order to get the 40% discount, buyers will have to login to their Target account, or make a new account if they don't already have them. After that, find the game from the list of EA titles included in the sale and click on it to go to the product page. Once on the page for, say, Madden 20, there will be a button a butting that reads "+Save" next to "40% off with Target Circle." Click this button and its outline will turn green and it will have checkmark next to the word "Saved." Then add the game to your cart and the discount will be applied when checking out.

Note that you only need to save the deal once and it should work across all games included in the sale.

This sale from Target really stands out because it includes several major EA games released over the past few months. Games like Madden 20, FIFA 20, and NHL 20 are certain to be some of the hottest titles. The Sims 4 fans should also be exciting. Not only is The Sims 4 on sale, along with expansions like Cats & Dogs and Island Living, but PC players can even use the discount to pre-order the upcoming, highly-anticipated The Sims 4: Discover University expansion pack.

For those curious, yes, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order pre-orders on both PS4 and Xbox One were included in the sale, too. However, due to the games' popularity, pre-orders through Target's website have sold out. That Black Friday tradition of just missing a great sale is starting early, too.

madden nfl 20 40% off

The big question on a lot of holiday shoppers' minds is whether today's Target 40% off sale will be better or worse than Black Friday deals. The answer to that question is almost certainly yes, that these games will be cheaper on Black Friday. Best Buy's Black Friday sale, for instance, has already advertised Madden NFL for $27.99 for Black Friday, a solid $8 lower than its price on Target today. The question then is whether shoppers feel confident braving the crowds of Black Friday versus the comfort of an online purchase several weeks early.

Target Circle's 40% Sale for EA games lasts for one day only and will expire Sunday night.

Source: Target